Sunday, March 29, 2009

like, real ones?

Chris worked again today, which sucked. I did so much stuff yesterday taht I didn't really feel like doing much of anything today. so I took my laundry over to my parents' house and just hung out while it was washing. it's a pretty good thing I did, too, because there were terrible storms with a tornado warning and huge hail. I probably would have been rather alarmed if I had been home by myself. Kylie took pictures of the hail and the creepy almost funnel clouds, but she hasn't sent them to me yet. maybe I will have them tomorrow.

Chris and I went out to dinner with Kylie and Mike tonight, which was a lot of fun. ever since I was small, I have imagined the day Kylie and I could go out and do things with our respective male counterparts, just like real grown-ups. finally, that dream has been realized. I am quite pleased. I dunno if they had as much fun as I did, but I hope so. I would like to go out with them frequently, I think.

but anyway, we went to T.G.I. Fridays. I got the parmesan-crusted chicken. it was pretty good. and the tortelloni that came with it had red stripes, just like the T.G.I. Friday's logo. I thought that was really cute.

now, however, we are home, and all I can think of is work tomorrow. I hate sunday. monday hangs over it like a poison cloud, ruining everything. bah.

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