Monday, March 30, 2009

savage species

back to work today. however, there was an exciting announcement - we got an audiobook rental subscription. I am very happy about this. very happy. the day went so fast! we're gonna get one book a week, I think. this week it is pride & prejudice.

otherwise the day has been pretty standard. I am at Steve's house right now, waiting for Bobby to show up so we can continue with anime night. Chris and Steve are, of course, playing magic. I just don't get it, but we've been through that already.

we stopped at wendy's on the way here so Chris could get dinner. I ate at home because I have resolved to eat more healthily. also, I am burned out on most fast food. he got a baconator, which I tasted. it was pretty delicious, but it was so greasy! I mean, I only took one bite and it was all over my face and hands. it is not surprised to me that there are 830 calories and 51 grams of fat in there. goodness!

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