Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Chris' little guy is still hanging in there. He's standing up today, which is an improvement. Chris fed him some of the juice from Morgaine's cat food with an eye dropper yesterday, maybe that perked him up some.

in lieu of wings tonight we are going to see the 3rd Death Note movie at some theater in Lancaster. we went to see the first one last year, but not the second. I thought the movie kinda sucked, but the experience was fun. hopefully that will be the case again.

I gotta get going, but keep poor little Spite in your thoughts and pray for a full recovery.

Monday, April 27, 2009

play it again

I came home from work today all in a good mood because I love driving home with my windows open and my music playing and the sun shining. Chris was off work today, so he had dinner waiting for me (a chicken and rice casserole made with cream of _____ soups), but he looked very sad. it turns out his lizard, Spite, is sick, and Chris doesn't think he is going to make it. he's just sitting there, not moving, with his little eyes closed. Chris gave him some medicine, but there isn't really much else to do. I suggested we take him to the vet, but Chris thinks it is probably already too late. I don't know much about lizard illnesses, but I hope he gets better. keep your fingers crossed.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

a good day

I think that is a great idea, Mum! my cell phone budget will certainly be much better off. lol

last night after Chris got home from magic, we went to the Wyomissing Diner for dinner. I got balsamic chicken, which was really good. it was a Saturday special; I hope they have it again. Kyle came over afterward to play magic with Chris, but he didn't stay very long.

I am feeling much better today!

we got up at a decent time and went grocery shopping. it was unreasonably hot, but it went pretty smoothly. after that, we decided that the best thing to do with a beautiful, warm spring day would be to spend it underground. we would go to Crystal Cave!

we stopped at Sheetz on the way to get pretzel roll sandwiches, which I have been wanting since Thursday. see, on Thursday we got Isaac's for lunch at work, and I had their Twisted Chicken sandwich. I have always loved pretzel rolls, but this reminded me that I had better eat more of them - they are too awesome to pass by. so instead of getting $9 pretzel sandwiches at Issac's, we decided to get $4 pretzel sandwiches at Sheetz. it just makes sense. Chris also showed me that Sheetz makes made to order coffees, and that they have chai. I might just have to brave the traffic and try these delicious coffees.

so anyway, we made it to Crystal Cave without any incidents.

The Inn

we had to climb up a hill and a lot of stairs to get to the actual cave. it made me realize just how terribly out of shape I am. like, seriously. my legs were burning and I was out of breath from two ramps and two flights of stairs. goodness. but eventually we made it.


we had to wait for about a half an hour for our tour. just our luck, there was a family there with eight kids. no, seriously, there were eight. I counted. they were running around, screaming, being a general nusance. the oldest was probably about eight or nine, the youngest was barely walking. but that didn't stop her from running headfirst for the hill we had just climbed. and the parents paid absolutely no attention. the older kids saved her from certain doom about three times before they finally handed her off to their parents. two other couples with two kids each also showed up, as well as a reasonable couple without any children - much like us.

Chris and I

seriously, though, it is just our luck to wind up on a tour with twelve kids. I'd like to say that they were quiet and well behaved, but that would be a lie. they were loud and slow and in the way. but we had a good time anyway. unfortunately, my newly-charged batteries died after only one photo of the cave.


it's a nice enough picture, but I wish I could have taken more. oh well. then we went to the gift shop and bought some hematite magnets. I think they are super awesome. now I just need more things to hang on the refrigerator...

we had some delicious mini flatbread sandwiches for dinner and played a little FFXI, then Dustin came over to play stupid magic with Chris. it's okay, though, we can check him off the list of people who haven't visited our apartment. we still need to get Kim, Steve, Shannon, and Bobby.

today was a good day. it totally made up for the mostly miserable day I had yesterday. I am quite pleased.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


congratulations to Sha-non, who graduates today!

slightly less dead

our gamesday shirts got here on Thursday. I was gonna put pictures of them up yesterday, but I was suddenly struck with an illness and was in too much misery to care. I am feeling somewhat better today, hence the title of this post, but it would appear all eight of my rechargeable batteries are dead. I will have to put pictures up later, when they are done charging.

but yeah, I dunno. at exactly 12:34 yesterday afternoon I was suddenly struck with terrible throat, neck, back, and leg pain. and that utterly exhausted feeling that comes with being sick. it was the strangest thing. I mean, usually you kinda build up to feeling that bad, but no. it was as if someone had flipped the "ruin your weekend" switch. I was feeling great and excited about the abnormally hot weather one minute, and the next I was hoping for death.

we went to On The Border for dinner, but I felt too much like crap to really enjoy my margarita/sangria swirl and the chocolate empanadas I ordered as dinner instead of dessert. I was actually sitting there shivering - with my coat on. I felt really bad for Chris, because I obviously wasn't very good dinner company, but he was very nice about it. I went to bed as soon as I got home, around 10:00, but I woke up at least three times every hour during the night. it was highly unpleasant.

today my throat doesn't hurt as much, but my back and legs are still pretty bad. and I am so tired, even though I slept a very long time. I have been napping on and off throughout the day, but I am trying to stop. I am afraid I will run out of sleep and not be able to sleep at night. but I'm not just sleeping tired. I feel run-down. I can't even do the simplest things without needing a break.

we bought an air conditioner today. it is pretty awesome. the temperature in the living room (where the air conditioner is) is 71. The temperature in the kitchen (where the air conditioner isn't) is 80. I would say that is a vast improvement. we had to put it in the window that Morgaine likes to look out, but I think the sacrifice was worth it. she was already sprawled out on her back on front of the air conditioner, looking quite content. my mum and dad came over to help get it in the apartment and installed, since it is pretty heavy and our stairs are pretty narrow. it went very smoothly, though I wasn't really much help. there is a surprise!

we were supposed to also go grocery shopping today, but I just didn't have it in me. I was dizzy and barely upright after our trip to Target, and I didn't even help with the heavy lifting. this really sucks. we were also originally thinking about going to go to Crystal Cave today, but that much walking is obviously out of the question. I am bored, but I know anything I do will just make me more tired and uncomfortable. it is very frustrating.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


today sucked. it is one of those days when everything that happens irritates me. and things that would usually irritate me send me into an irrational rage. these days suck.

I had to go to the bank at work even though it wasn't my day to go to the bank and I was so angry. I hoped that I would get into a terrible car accident and that the car would explode and all the checks I was depositing would be incinerated. but that obviously didn't happen.

I did, however, stop at the Target across the street on my way home to pick up contact lens solution. they have the cheapest contact lens solution ever, seriously. like, you get two bottles for the price of one bottle at the grocery store. the reason I mention this trip is that stopping places by myself is not something I do. especially not at places I have never been, which the Target across the street from my work is. or was, until this afternoon. but it was a largely uneventful trip, which is good. the layout is the reverse of out regular God-fearing Target. it is also incredibly empty. like, there were about ten cars in the parking lot. no lie. I mean, I know it was 5:00 on a Wednesday, but still. I wonder if it is always that empty.

we went to the Pike Cafe for wings tonight. it was okay. I had the Gourmet Caribbean Salad, but it was mostly purple lettuce, which I don't like. so I pretty much had mango and flat bread crackers. oh well.

those guys are playing magic again. I wish I could go home and go to bed, but then I wouldn't be able to see heroes. it sucks, really. just like the rest of this day.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

in a cave

we saw Crank: High Voltage on sunday. it was super-awesome. I have not laughed so hard at a movie since... Hot Fuzz, probably. like, seriously. it was hilarious. if you do not like sex and violence and you are looking for a movie with a deep plot - this is not the movie for you. I have never seen so many boobs in a movie!

just found out today that Shin is coming with us to Gamesday. I am so excited! I think he will add a great element to the weekend. I ordered shirts for me, Chris, and Mike. they shipped today, I think. they should get here in plenty of time. only 18 days to go. I am so excited, I can barely stand it!

we're listening to The Secret Garden at work. this is good because I love that book, but bad because so much of it takes place in a garden. outside. in beautiful weather. and no-one has to be cooped up inside an office for 9 hours at a time. is is sad that I am envious of imaginary children in a book that is almost 100 years old?

Monday, April 20, 2009

10 years

I cannot believe it has been 10 years since Columbine. I remember that afternoon so vividly. I was on the family computer, playing tomb raider (I or II, can't can't remember which), and eating freshly baked oatmeal cookies. I hadn't even heard anything about it until my dad came home from work and we put the tv to watch.

my mum was most upset by the kid who was just laying there on the sidewalk while everyone ran past. she said that no-one would have been able to restrain her if that had been one of her children. I can picture it so well, my mum fighting her way through the police blockade to scoop me off the sidewalk. that has always stayed with me.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

trample trample

today was another one of those perfect days where everything is right in the world. I woke up around 9:00, which is a good time to wake up on a Saturday I think. not too late, not too early. I lounged about for a while before waking Chris up. we had left-over quiche for breakfast, which we ate in the kitchen. we can do this now because we finally have kitchen chairs, kindly donated by my uncle.

we went grocery shopping, but it was surprisingly empty for a Saturday. we got a machine right away at the self checkout rather than having to wait in line. after that we went to Queen City for lunch with a person Chris works with and her boyfriend. for several years QC has had the batter-dipped fries that I am so sick of, but today they had God's own fries. God's own fries! at QC! I nearly wept. right there at the table.

when we were done there, we went to Best Buy to buy me a laptop bag. I saw one I liked that came with a mouse, but it was marked as $40. it was originally $59, so it wasn't a bad deal, but still a little more than I wanted to spend. there was on there for $32, but it was kinda cheap looking and didn't have as many compartments and stuff. Chris finally convinced me to get the $40 one, since it was really only $8 difference. buy am I glad he did! it rang up for $29! I couldn't have been more pleased. well, unless they had given it to me for free. that would have been awesome.

Chris then dropped me off at my parents' house while he went to play stupid magic. I helped them garden (read: I drank a pina colada and made a creek through the flower bed), ate some bread, and hung out a little with my sister and her Mike. while there, Chris called to tell me some wonderful news. the tendercrisp bacon cheddar ranch is back! my sister nearly cried. she has to wait until tomorrow to have one, but Steve bought me one to eat tonight and it was delicious!

we're watching crank right now because we might go to see the new one tomorrow and most of us have not seen the first one. it's rather funny. my mum and sister are going shopping for clothes, though, and I really need some pants. so I might want to go with them instead, but I am not sure. clothes shopping with Chris, though, is pretty much out of the question. we shall see.

since it is such a great day, though, I have almost certainly won the powerball. then it will not matter when I go shopping for pants because I will never have to work again and can shop whenever I like. that will be a good time.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I don't know if it is a common thing or something only my friends and I pretended, but as a child I often imagined that fog had the power to destroy. not in a scary way, in a wonderful, magical way. if, for example, the fog obscured the school from view, perhaps the school would cease to exist. I knew, of course, that this wasn’t actually possible, but the slight glimmer of hope was still there.

on the news this morning, and on the weather channel website, I was warned of dense fog. this pleased me; I was hopeful that it would somewhat dim the sun that so often blinds me on my way to work. I was disappointed to find that there wasn’t any fog to be found. Not, that is, until I crested the hill at the foot of which lies my place of employment.

it’s strange, but I still felt that tiny tinge of excitement at not being able to see any of the familiar buildings. perhaps they have all been erased, leaving nothing behind but trees and hill of grass and the highway cutting between them. and I still felt the overwhelming disappointment as the buildings came into view and I pulled into the parking lot as I used to feel when the bus arrived at the newly visible school.

it is strange, the things that stick with you.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

slow jerk

yesterday kinda sucked. work was long and terrible. when I got home, Chris had been planning to have a quiche waiting for me. this, however was not the case. instead, I found him with a pie crust full of egg and vegetables and meat. he told me that the stove was not hot. I told him that it doesn't happen instantly. he told me he had pre-heated it 10 minutes ago.


so he fiddled around with it, attempting to light it with his grill lighter. nothing. the pilot light was on, the burners all worked, but the oven was having none of it. we decided to have other things for dinner, and he left a message for the landlady.

later, after I have been at my small group and he has been playing magic, we came back home and he listened to his phone messages to see what the landlady had to say. here is my brief overview:

well, the stove worked when you move in, so you should probably do something about that. it's pretty old, so maybe some dirty got in it. try cleaning it out maybe, but if that doesn't work you'd better do something about it.

I overheard all this while Chris listened to the message. he didn't tell me, and I think that is because it ruined (or at least damaged) the beautiful illusions he had made. in his imagination, he has turned the landlady into some sort of mythological creature that actually gives a crap about what happens to the tenants. he was just saying to Kylie's Mike that if something were to happen she'd "have our back". obviously this is not the case. I don't know where he gets these ideas, he is entirely too trusting. but regardless, he didn't tell me anything about the message. he just went over and started messing with the stove and managed to get it working. so everything is fine, but I am still really angry.

I mean, the stove is at least 3000 years old. of course it is going to break. but why should I have to pay to get it fixed? it isn't my stove. also, I don't like it when people ruin Chris' beautiful visions of life. I am very protective of him and his naivety.


we went to California Bar and Grill for wings. I had the turkey bacon rand flat bread sandwich. it was pretty awesome and delicious. most of those guys got churgers, which for some reason aren't on the website menu. basically it is a double-decker burger, except the second burger is a fried chick breast. it had a bacon sauce on it. I tried Steve's and it was amazing, but I could never eat that whole thing. it would probably kill me.

I know no-one who this applies to reads this, but just in case: I am making up shirts for Gamesday. if you want one, let me know. I will place the order on Sunday.

Monday, April 13, 2009


at my parents' house doing laundry. Chris gets done work at 9:30, so I'll be leaving soon. we started listening to extremely loud and incredibly close at work today, which was my pick.

I want to buy a mini tape recorder to keep with me in the car. I have so many good ideas for blog entries when I am driving to and from work, however I do not think typing and driving is a good idea. I have attempted to text once or twice while driving - it doesn't work out so well. so if I just babble on to my tape recorder on the way home, I'll be set to make my extensive entries when I get home. seems like a good idea, yeah?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

I'll be honest, I think Easter is a pretty lame holiday for anyone who is out of school. I mean, I appreciate its religious significance, but you don't even get a day off work for it. you just have to use up half of your precious weekend. that is not cool.

that being said, today was pretty good. I got up at 9:00, which is really early for me on a Sunday, because my mum was supposed to call me about going to church. she, however, did not end up going to church, so I spent the morning playing animal crossing. Chris eventually woke up around 11:00 and made us toast for breakfast. then we went to his dad's house to visit for a while. his grandparents were there as well, and they gave us come delicious cheesecake and coconut/sweet cream eggs. yum!

after that we dropped those treats off at our apartment and went over to my parents' house. they gave us a popcorn tin for Easter, which is something I have always wanted. I am very pleased. we then went to the Inn at Reading for the Easter buffet. I was really happy with the selection of food there - they even had chicken fingers! there was ciabatta bread in with the various dinner rolls, which also made me very happy. and the home-made version of kandy kakes, which I think are better than the store bought kind. my mum's are better than the ones at the buffet, but they were still really good. in short, everything was really good.

I used to think, when I was younger, that people who went out for dinner on holidays rather than having a family gathering were pretty lame. now, I have to say, I am quickly coming around to the idea. I dunno that I would want to do it for Christmas day or Thanksgiving, but other than that? bring it on.

also, this whole business of having to go to two families for a holiday is pretty exhausting. Chris and I pretty much did our own things for Christmas, so it wasn't really an issue then. but today? I am so exhausted. this probably has to do with being up so early, but still. I am also very full, I hate to think what it would be like if we had been expected to eat at both places. and that was just his dad's side of the family. what if his mom had wanted our attention as well? I always said that I would just not have anything to do with my significant other's family when I was younger, that I would only do things with my family. I see now that this is not fair or reasonable. still, it has its appeal. I suppose this is just one of those things that we will have to learn to work around, but it is very difficult nonetheless. it is sad to me to have to do other things when I would rather just be with my family the whole time, but I guess that is just too bad. it's not that I don't like his family - I really, really do. it's just... they're not my family, you know? I imagine this is one of those things that will get easier as time goes on, but for now it simply leaves me feeling weird, just like Christmas did. not quite like the holidays I remember, that's all. another one of those instances of things changing and life moving on. it's just strange to think about how all these different stages have happened to me, yet I am still the same person. well, to some extent. ignore me, I think about things too much.

all in all, it has been a pretty good day.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I am too pleased, I could not wait to put up pictures. so here they are. well, most of them. the lighting right now is too weird to properly photograph the new curtains in the bathroom or the bedroom. so look for those sometime soon.

Morgaine likes the space that has opened up under the bedroom window now that my boxes are out of the way.
Morgaine is pleased

the living room curtains look so homey! please ignore that very messy desk.

new curtains for the windows and door in the kitchen! it's feels so clean and breezy!
kitchen 01

our microwave - no longer on the floor!
kitchen 02

hooray for Mum, Kylie, Aunt Candy, and Uncle Don!


my apartment has been spruced up and I couldn't be happier! you have no idea what a huge difference it has made. even Chris thinks so, and he hardly ever notices anything!

a few things were moved around a little and it gives us more room. I can't believe how different the kitchen looks with just some new curtains (which my mum made from the fabric I picked out the other weekend) and a little bit of furniture maneuvering. our microwave isn't on the floor anymore! even the terrible ugly carpet out there isn't so bad, since there is a little bit of brown in the curtains. it is just great. I just walked around for a while looking at everything - it finally feels like I am at home. I will take some pictures and put them up soon.

we went grocery shopping and out to lunch while they worked. we went to on the border, which is one of my favorite restaurants in the world. this is strange because usually I don't eat at places that don't have chicken fingers on the menu. I got a build your own burrito, which was a whole lot larger than I expected. but I still made room for the chocolate empanadas, which are probably the best things you will ever eat. seriously, go there and eat some right now.

Chris has left me all alone and gone to play magic. I was supposed to go to a family function, but Chris wasn't going and I wouldn't have any way to leave except for my parents (who aren't planning on leaving until at least 11:00). so I guess I will just sit here and enjoy the new decor until he returns.

Steve's parents are out of town this weekend - I am hoping for a hot tub party instead of d&d tonight...

shrieking shredder

sorry about not posting in so long. Tuesday I was doing laundry at my parents' house. my sister made me pretty angry, but I am over it now. it's jsut part of who she is, you gotta take the good with the bad. see, she left soon after I got there, and then came back at 9:00 wanting to show me all sorts of things and hang out and stuff. I leave there around 9:30 and was in the middle of folding wash, so I told her she was going to have to wait, that I was busy. well she got all in a huff at me and said "well, excuse me for wanting to spend time with you!" and then went to sulk in my bedroom (which is now the computer room). this was not a fair thing to do. if she had really wanted to spend time with me that badly, she would have scheduled her going out for another night and instead spent the evening with me. but no, she was just trying to guilt me into doing what she wanted. so I mostly just ignored her outburst and went about my business, but I was still pretty angry. I mean, every time I ask if she wants to do something, she always has to consult with her extensive schedule and rarely actually has much time to do anything with me. it is sad, because it leads into my Wednesday mope problem.

Wednesday I was in a bit of a mope. this happens from time to time, it is nothing to worry about. I have this theory that if I am too happy for too long, my brain just sends me into an automatic mope. it is a defense mechanism so I won't be as sad and broken up when something happens to ruin my happy feelings. Chris thinks I just hate joy, which maybe kinda comes down to the same thing, regardless, I was in a mope on Wednesday. part of it was that defense mechanism, but the other part was that I am jealous of Chris. he goes out all the time and plays magic with the guys and I am left here to myself. I don't have any friends outside of those guys who I can hang out with when Chris goes away. there is Kim, but she is often busy and runs on a somewhat different schedule than I do. there is Kylie, but as I mentioned earlier, she usually doesn't have time for me. I suppose it is only fair, payback for all those years growing up when I wanted her to leave me alone, but it still hurts. and Shannon, alas, is more than 250 miles away. pretty much I am screwed.

so then we went to Smokey Bones for wings. I suggested we go there with the specific intention to get their delicious soft pretzel sticks. of course, it turns out those were just a promotional item and are no longer available. I was ready to just get up and leave at that point, but everyone else seemed dead-set on staying, so I didn't really have a choice. so I ordered a sangria with the hope that the adorable tiny pitchers they serve it in would cheer me up - they brought it out in a regular glass. then shin and his girlfriend arrived and they had to move us clear across the restaurant to a different table because the first one was too small for all of us. no offense to my mens, I love them dearly, but they are all rather large. the waitress should have seen that the booth was too small for the five of us, let alone two more. so we were paraded through the place carrying our food and drinks and silverware, like idiots. things improved after that, though, because the salad I got was super-delicious.

Thursday was a lazy day, we mostly sat around and played FFX, it was nice because there are rarely any days like that.

Friday was a half day for me, which was awesome. and it appears the retards next door had the day off because there was amply parking everywhere! so I got a lot done here as far as unpacking and reorganizing is concerned. this is good because my mum and my aunt are coming over today to hang new curtains and stuff so this looks more like a place I live than just a place where I dumped all of my belongings. this probably sounds like a little thing, but it isn't to me. I am very excited. they are supposed to be here around 11:00, so I'd better go wake Chris and get him out of bed.

Monday, April 6, 2009


I am still at Steve's. we are here for anime night, but the anime we were watching is over. rather than start something else tonight, they have decided to - you guessed it - play magic. I hope this magic-fervor blows over pretty fast. this is seriously the most boring pastime they have come up with.

I am excited, however. Gamesday is in 33 days! whee!


pictures from the weekend!

this is the necklace Chris got me for my birthday. it is a great white tooth. isn't the setting adorable? those sharks are so happy to be swimming around, being sharks.
great white tooth necklace

here is a picture of everyone at my quarter century birthday celebration. they were happier than they look, trust me.
Group Shot

Steve and Chris didn't get in the main picture, so here they are.

here I am drinking my electric lemonade.
Drink 02

it is delicious!
Drink 01

there aren't many pictures. that's the problem with being the main picture-taker of the group - not many pictures get taken if I am busy doing something.

today was mostly boring. work was work-like. we had arby's for dinner, but only because it was well within my fat/calorie intake for the day. otherwise I would have eaten humus. my will is strong!

I heard about this on the news this morning. apparently there was a group of people walking across the street in front of a car, right? so they were taking too long, so the driver started inching forward. some words were exchanged and one of the guys starts pounding on the hood of the car. so driver plows the guy down and speeds off. this driver is my hero. as a person who drives through Reading every day, I can tell you this crowd was almost certainly being slow on purpose. I often see this happen. if this is the case, it serves them right for being jerks. I hope they never catch this driver.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

who will walk on my sandwich?

no post yesterday, way too busy. wewoke up early (for a saturday) to go cash Chris' check, since he didn't get a chance on Friday. then we went to cold stone to use my birthday coupon. they have totally lamed out since last year's birthday coupon. last year it was a love it size signature creation. this year is was a like it size custom creation with one topping. but it was still delicious. I got oatmeal cookie batter ice cream, which I didn't even know existed, with hot fudge sauce. super awesome. we also went to the pet store to get crickets for the poor lizards. there was a lady there with a dachshund, and the kid in line behind her kept saying "wow, look, a weiner dog!" I guess she found the term "weiner dog" offensive, because she kept getting angrier and angrier. it was hilarious.

after that Chris went to play magic. he joined some league or something, it's pretty silly if you ask me. but just because I don't like it doesn't mean he shouldn't, so I am glad he has fun. I went out shopping and for a ride in the car with my parents. I love rides in the car, and it was a beautiful day.

after that I cam back home a took a nap. I woke up when Chris called from the magic place to tell me he was leaving. it was 6:14. we were all supposed to meet for my brithday dinner at 7:00. I immediately went into what Chris refers to as "doom prophet mode", saying how we would be late and no-one would come anyway and I don't know why I bother trying... Chris told me to calm down, that he would fix it when he got home. so I went back to sleep until he arrived, so as nt to work myself any further into a state. he was good on his word, calling everyone and organizing everything as soon as he arrived. we all ended up meeting at 7:30, but other than that everything went according to plan.

in the end I decided on the pike cafe. it was packed when we got there, and they told us they didn't know how long it would take to get a table with such a big party. fate intervened, and a party of eight left within 15 minutes. so we didn't have to wait very long at all, just long enough for me to finish the white russian Chris got me. some guy and his girlfriend went outside to smoke and we took their standing place while we were waiting. when they came back inside, they came over to get their drinks. the lady wanted her standing place back, but that poor guy wasn't about to mess with all my mens. "I just want my beer!" he said apologetically, reaching behind me to grab it before getting out of their way. it was pretty funny, because they totally would have given the standing spot back. they look a lot more intimidating than they really are. but we got our table and they got their standing spot back anyway.

next Mike got me a dirty banana, which was super awesome. I had a chicken caesar wrap with fries for dinner, and then Mike got me a shot of whiskey. it was supposed to be Jameson, it is sort of a birthday tradition with all of us, but they didn't have any so it was something else. it was pretty good, though, which is strange because usually the cery scent of whiskey that isn't Jameson makes me want to vomit. Steve said it is because I am an old lady now, I have grown-up tastes. I had a funnel cake for dessert, and Steve bought me an electric lemonade. then it was back to Steve's house for drunken Rock Band 2. I like to sing more than usual when I am drunk.

when my voice was mostly gone, we watched Donnie Darko. I don't know why, but I remember it making a lot more sense the first time I saw it than it did last night. but it was still a great movie. so sad.

we slept very late today and then went grocery shopping. after that we played FFX for a while before going over to my parents' house for my birthday dinner - fried chicken and homemade macaroni and cheese. dessert was a strawberry pizza. everything was delicious, and I had a great time. it is nice to just hang out and watch tv now that I rarely get time to do that anymore.

Chris is at Steve's house now playing magic (I think he might be developing a problem), so I am probably just going to go to bed. I was going to upload my pictures from the weekend, but it has gotten later than I realized. so hopefully I will have those up tomorrow.

this has been an awesome birthday weekend. I suppose 25 isn't so bad at all.

Friday, April 3, 2009

did he die?

look at me, I'm an old lady!

today's been pretty good for a birthday when I still have to work. I got a nifty card with a martini recipe on it and a delicious breakfast sandwich from mcdonalds. we listened to the rest of pride and prejudice.

it had been raining all day, but it seemed to calm down towards the end of the day. of course, though, it started to downpour as soon as I was out of the parking lot. I had to close my sunroof. however, just as I was coming over the bridge to go home, the sun came out and there was a great rainbow. it was one of those zen moments in life. I was supposed to get crickets for the lizards, but I was feelin' so good I didn't want to ruin it with crickets. so they are gonna have to wait til tomorrow.

we had sandwiches on pretzel rolls here at my parents' house, and tasty kakes with a candle stuck in it. my real birthday dinner is on sunday. I got my gifts tonight, though. my parents got me a (much needed) phone card and a box chocolates that just might be the dead of me. my sister and Mike got me lipstain (which I have been after for at least four years) and a smell-good spritz.

I'm still not sure about where to go tomorrow. now it is between 3rd & spruce and the pike cafe. I am not sure. Kylie's Mike suggests we just go to both. seems like a good idea to me!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

so full again!

we had a $10 coupon for buca di beppo, so we went there for dinner tonight. it was awesome, as usual. we got the prosciutto stuffed chicken with a side of alfredo. and cheesecake for dessert. our waitress was very pregnant, it was kinda distracting. we left her a good tip.

also, work happened.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

so full

we ended up going to the pizza place. it is called new york new york pizza pasta. I am really glad we went there, because it was awesome. I had a slice of chicken bacon ranch stuffed pizza. holy crap, it was so big! I only ate half of it, and I barely managed that! also, it was relatively empty,which is always nice. and there are 3d murals of the new york skyline on the walls, which is super cool. and the people who work there are really friendly, which I always appreciate. they do have all you can eat wings and pizza for $8.99 - the wings are huge. I didn't get them, the pizza was more than enough for me, but the looked really good. I would definately recommend this place 100%

shin is currently showing me his iphone while all those lame guys are playing magic. I am pretty convinced so far.

we are all going out for my belated birthday on saturday, it would seem. I am not sure where yet, it seems to be a choice between applebee's and 3rd and spruce. we shall see.

time for heroes!


I turn 25 on Friday. this is terrible!

we finished how to win friends and influence people today. I am not sure how I feel about the methods, but it was fun to listen to anyway. I went to the Giant across the street for lunch with Andrea today, it was pretty cool. there is a cafe with free wi-fi, the one near our house does not have that. I may have to take my laptop and spend my lunch hour there someday soon.

the front entrance was blocked off, they appeared to be filming something. I am very curious what that something is, considering M. Night Shyamalan is apparently in town filming a movie. I thought perhaps I would be discovered, but no such luck.

we are trying a new place for wings tonight that supposedly has AYCE wings, but if not we might go somewhere else. I kinda hope that happens, since some of my favorite restaurants are near this place. I'll be happy regardless, I am starving!