Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I turn 25 on Friday. this is terrible!

we finished how to win friends and influence people today. I am not sure how I feel about the methods, but it was fun to listen to anyway. I went to the Giant across the street for lunch with Andrea today, it was pretty cool. there is a cafe with free wi-fi, the one near our house does not have that. I may have to take my laptop and spend my lunch hour there someday soon.

the front entrance was blocked off, they appeared to be filming something. I am very curious what that something is, considering M. Night Shyamalan is apparently in town filming a movie. I thought perhaps I would be discovered, but no such luck.

we are trying a new place for wings tonight that supposedly has AYCE wings, but if not we might go somewhere else. I kinda hope that happens, since some of my favorite restaurants are near this place. I'll be happy regardless, I am starving!

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