Monday, April 6, 2009


pictures from the weekend!

this is the necklace Chris got me for my birthday. it is a great white tooth. isn't the setting adorable? those sharks are so happy to be swimming around, being sharks.
great white tooth necklace

here is a picture of everyone at my quarter century birthday celebration. they were happier than they look, trust me.
Group Shot

Steve and Chris didn't get in the main picture, so here they are.

here I am drinking my electric lemonade.
Drink 02

it is delicious!
Drink 01

there aren't many pictures. that's the problem with being the main picture-taker of the group - not many pictures get taken if I am busy doing something.

today was mostly boring. work was work-like. we had arby's for dinner, but only because it was well within my fat/calorie intake for the day. otherwise I would have eaten humus. my will is strong!

I heard about this on the news this morning. apparently there was a group of people walking across the street in front of a car, right? so they were taking too long, so the driver started inching forward. some words were exchanged and one of the guys starts pounding on the hood of the car. so driver plows the guy down and speeds off. this driver is my hero. as a person who drives through Reading every day, I can tell you this crowd was almost certainly being slow on purpose. I often see this happen. if this is the case, it serves them right for being jerks. I hope they never catch this driver.

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