Saturday, April 11, 2009


my apartment has been spruced up and I couldn't be happier! you have no idea what a huge difference it has made. even Chris thinks so, and he hardly ever notices anything!

a few things were moved around a little and it gives us more room. I can't believe how different the kitchen looks with just some new curtains (which my mum made from the fabric I picked out the other weekend) and a little bit of furniture maneuvering. our microwave isn't on the floor anymore! even the terrible ugly carpet out there isn't so bad, since there is a little bit of brown in the curtains. it is just great. I just walked around for a while looking at everything - it finally feels like I am at home. I will take some pictures and put them up soon.

we went grocery shopping and out to lunch while they worked. we went to on the border, which is one of my favorite restaurants in the world. this is strange because usually I don't eat at places that don't have chicken fingers on the menu. I got a build your own burrito, which was a whole lot larger than I expected. but I still made room for the chocolate empanadas, which are probably the best things you will ever eat. seriously, go there and eat some right now.

Chris has left me all alone and gone to play magic. I was supposed to go to a family function, but Chris wasn't going and I wouldn't have any way to leave except for my parents (who aren't planning on leaving until at least 11:00). so I guess I will just sit here and enjoy the new decor until he returns.

Steve's parents are out of town this weekend - I am hoping for a hot tub party instead of d&d tonight...

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