Saturday, April 11, 2009

shrieking shredder

sorry about not posting in so long. Tuesday I was doing laundry at my parents' house. my sister made me pretty angry, but I am over it now. it's jsut part of who she is, you gotta take the good with the bad. see, she left soon after I got there, and then came back at 9:00 wanting to show me all sorts of things and hang out and stuff. I leave there around 9:30 and was in the middle of folding wash, so I told her she was going to have to wait, that I was busy. well she got all in a huff at me and said "well, excuse me for wanting to spend time with you!" and then went to sulk in my bedroom (which is now the computer room). this was not a fair thing to do. if she had really wanted to spend time with me that badly, she would have scheduled her going out for another night and instead spent the evening with me. but no, she was just trying to guilt me into doing what she wanted. so I mostly just ignored her outburst and went about my business, but I was still pretty angry. I mean, every time I ask if she wants to do something, she always has to consult with her extensive schedule and rarely actually has much time to do anything with me. it is sad, because it leads into my Wednesday mope problem.

Wednesday I was in a bit of a mope. this happens from time to time, it is nothing to worry about. I have this theory that if I am too happy for too long, my brain just sends me into an automatic mope. it is a defense mechanism so I won't be as sad and broken up when something happens to ruin my happy feelings. Chris thinks I just hate joy, which maybe kinda comes down to the same thing, regardless, I was in a mope on Wednesday. part of it was that defense mechanism, but the other part was that I am jealous of Chris. he goes out all the time and plays magic with the guys and I am left here to myself. I don't have any friends outside of those guys who I can hang out with when Chris goes away. there is Kim, but she is often busy and runs on a somewhat different schedule than I do. there is Kylie, but as I mentioned earlier, she usually doesn't have time for me. I suppose it is only fair, payback for all those years growing up when I wanted her to leave me alone, but it still hurts. and Shannon, alas, is more than 250 miles away. pretty much I am screwed.

so then we went to Smokey Bones for wings. I suggested we go there with the specific intention to get their delicious soft pretzel sticks. of course, it turns out those were just a promotional item and are no longer available. I was ready to just get up and leave at that point, but everyone else seemed dead-set on staying, so I didn't really have a choice. so I ordered a sangria with the hope that the adorable tiny pitchers they serve it in would cheer me up - they brought it out in a regular glass. then shin and his girlfriend arrived and they had to move us clear across the restaurant to a different table because the first one was too small for all of us. no offense to my mens, I love them dearly, but they are all rather large. the waitress should have seen that the booth was too small for the five of us, let alone two more. so we were paraded through the place carrying our food and drinks and silverware, like idiots. things improved after that, though, because the salad I got was super-delicious.

Thursday was a lazy day, we mostly sat around and played FFX, it was nice because there are rarely any days like that.

Friday was a half day for me, which was awesome. and it appears the retards next door had the day off because there was amply parking everywhere! so I got a lot done here as far as unpacking and reorganizing is concerned. this is good because my mum and my aunt are coming over today to hang new curtains and stuff so this looks more like a place I live than just a place where I dumped all of my belongings. this probably sounds like a little thing, but it isn't to me. I am very excited. they are supposed to be here around 11:00, so I'd better go wake Chris and get him out of bed.

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