Saturday, April 25, 2009

slightly less dead

our gamesday shirts got here on Thursday. I was gonna put pictures of them up yesterday, but I was suddenly struck with an illness and was in too much misery to care. I am feeling somewhat better today, hence the title of this post, but it would appear all eight of my rechargeable batteries are dead. I will have to put pictures up later, when they are done charging.

but yeah, I dunno. at exactly 12:34 yesterday afternoon I was suddenly struck with terrible throat, neck, back, and leg pain. and that utterly exhausted feeling that comes with being sick. it was the strangest thing. I mean, usually you kinda build up to feeling that bad, but no. it was as if someone had flipped the "ruin your weekend" switch. I was feeling great and excited about the abnormally hot weather one minute, and the next I was hoping for death.

we went to On The Border for dinner, but I felt too much like crap to really enjoy my margarita/sangria swirl and the chocolate empanadas I ordered as dinner instead of dessert. I was actually sitting there shivering - with my coat on. I felt really bad for Chris, because I obviously wasn't very good dinner company, but he was very nice about it. I went to bed as soon as I got home, around 10:00, but I woke up at least three times every hour during the night. it was highly unpleasant.

today my throat doesn't hurt as much, but my back and legs are still pretty bad. and I am so tired, even though I slept a very long time. I have been napping on and off throughout the day, but I am trying to stop. I am afraid I will run out of sleep and not be able to sleep at night. but I'm not just sleeping tired. I feel run-down. I can't even do the simplest things without needing a break.

we bought an air conditioner today. it is pretty awesome. the temperature in the living room (where the air conditioner is) is 71. The temperature in the kitchen (where the air conditioner isn't) is 80. I would say that is a vast improvement. we had to put it in the window that Morgaine likes to look out, but I think the sacrifice was worth it. she was already sprawled out on her back on front of the air conditioner, looking quite content. my mum and dad came over to help get it in the apartment and installed, since it is pretty heavy and our stairs are pretty narrow. it went very smoothly, though I wasn't really much help. there is a surprise!

we were supposed to also go grocery shopping today, but I just didn't have it in me. I was dizzy and barely upright after our trip to Target, and I didn't even help with the heavy lifting. this really sucks. we were also originally thinking about going to go to Crystal Cave today, but that much walking is obviously out of the question. I am bored, but I know anything I do will just make me more tired and uncomfortable. it is very frustrating.

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