Wednesday, April 15, 2009

slow jerk

yesterday kinda sucked. work was long and terrible. when I got home, Chris had been planning to have a quiche waiting for me. this, however was not the case. instead, I found him with a pie crust full of egg and vegetables and meat. he told me that the stove was not hot. I told him that it doesn't happen instantly. he told me he had pre-heated it 10 minutes ago.


so he fiddled around with it, attempting to light it with his grill lighter. nothing. the pilot light was on, the burners all worked, but the oven was having none of it. we decided to have other things for dinner, and he left a message for the landlady.

later, after I have been at my small group and he has been playing magic, we came back home and he listened to his phone messages to see what the landlady had to say. here is my brief overview:

well, the stove worked when you move in, so you should probably do something about that. it's pretty old, so maybe some dirty got in it. try cleaning it out maybe, but if that doesn't work you'd better do something about it.

I overheard all this while Chris listened to the message. he didn't tell me, and I think that is because it ruined (or at least damaged) the beautiful illusions he had made. in his imagination, he has turned the landlady into some sort of mythological creature that actually gives a crap about what happens to the tenants. he was just saying to Kylie's Mike that if something were to happen she'd "have our back". obviously this is not the case. I don't know where he gets these ideas, he is entirely too trusting. but regardless, he didn't tell me anything about the message. he just went over and started messing with the stove and managed to get it working. so everything is fine, but I am still really angry.

I mean, the stove is at least 3000 years old. of course it is going to break. but why should I have to pay to get it fixed? it isn't my stove. also, I don't like it when people ruin Chris' beautiful visions of life. I am very protective of him and his naivety.


we went to California Bar and Grill for wings. I had the turkey bacon rand flat bread sandwich. it was pretty awesome and delicious. most of those guys got churgers, which for some reason aren't on the website menu. basically it is a double-decker burger, except the second burger is a fried chick breast. it had a bacon sauce on it. I tried Steve's and it was amazing, but I could never eat that whole thing. it would probably kill me.

I know no-one who this applies to reads this, but just in case: I am making up shirts for Gamesday. if you want one, let me know. I will place the order on Sunday.

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