Wednesday, April 1, 2009

so full

we ended up going to the pizza place. it is called new york new york pizza pasta. I am really glad we went there, because it was awesome. I had a slice of chicken bacon ranch stuffed pizza. holy crap, it was so big! I only ate half of it, and I barely managed that! also, it was relatively empty,which is always nice. and there are 3d murals of the new york skyline on the walls, which is super cool. and the people who work there are really friendly, which I always appreciate. they do have all you can eat wings and pizza for $8.99 - the wings are huge. I didn't get them, the pizza was more than enough for me, but the looked really good. I would definately recommend this place 100%

shin is currently showing me his iphone while all those lame guys are playing magic. I am pretty convinced so far.

we are all going out for my belated birthday on saturday, it would seem. I am not sure where yet, it seems to be a choice between applebee's and 3rd and spruce. we shall see.

time for heroes!

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