Saturday, April 18, 2009

trample trample

today was another one of those perfect days where everything is right in the world. I woke up around 9:00, which is a good time to wake up on a Saturday I think. not too late, not too early. I lounged about for a while before waking Chris up. we had left-over quiche for breakfast, which we ate in the kitchen. we can do this now because we finally have kitchen chairs, kindly donated by my uncle.

we went grocery shopping, but it was surprisingly empty for a Saturday. we got a machine right away at the self checkout rather than having to wait in line. after that we went to Queen City for lunch with a person Chris works with and her boyfriend. for several years QC has had the batter-dipped fries that I am so sick of, but today they had God's own fries. God's own fries! at QC! I nearly wept. right there at the table.

when we were done there, we went to Best Buy to buy me a laptop bag. I saw one I liked that came with a mouse, but it was marked as $40. it was originally $59, so it wasn't a bad deal, but still a little more than I wanted to spend. there was on there for $32, but it was kinda cheap looking and didn't have as many compartments and stuff. Chris finally convinced me to get the $40 one, since it was really only $8 difference. buy am I glad he did! it rang up for $29! I couldn't have been more pleased. well, unless they had given it to me for free. that would have been awesome.

Chris then dropped me off at my parents' house while he went to play stupid magic. I helped them garden (read: I drank a pina colada and made a creek through the flower bed), ate some bread, and hung out a little with my sister and her Mike. while there, Chris called to tell me some wonderful news. the tendercrisp bacon cheddar ranch is back! my sister nearly cried. she has to wait until tomorrow to have one, but Steve bought me one to eat tonight and it was delicious!

we're watching crank right now because we might go to see the new one tomorrow and most of us have not seen the first one. it's rather funny. my mum and sister are going shopping for clothes, though, and I really need some pants. so I might want to go with them instead, but I am not sure. clothes shopping with Chris, though, is pretty much out of the question. we shall see.

since it is such a great day, though, I have almost certainly won the powerball. then it will not matter when I go shopping for pants because I will never have to work again and can shop whenever I like. that will be a good time.

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