Sunday, April 5, 2009

who will walk on my sandwich?

no post yesterday, way too busy. wewoke up early (for a saturday) to go cash Chris' check, since he didn't get a chance on Friday. then we went to cold stone to use my birthday coupon. they have totally lamed out since last year's birthday coupon. last year it was a love it size signature creation. this year is was a like it size custom creation with one topping. but it was still delicious. I got oatmeal cookie batter ice cream, which I didn't even know existed, with hot fudge sauce. super awesome. we also went to the pet store to get crickets for the poor lizards. there was a lady there with a dachshund, and the kid in line behind her kept saying "wow, look, a weiner dog!" I guess she found the term "weiner dog" offensive, because she kept getting angrier and angrier. it was hilarious.

after that Chris went to play magic. he joined some league or something, it's pretty silly if you ask me. but just because I don't like it doesn't mean he shouldn't, so I am glad he has fun. I went out shopping and for a ride in the car with my parents. I love rides in the car, and it was a beautiful day.

after that I cam back home a took a nap. I woke up when Chris called from the magic place to tell me he was leaving. it was 6:14. we were all supposed to meet for my brithday dinner at 7:00. I immediately went into what Chris refers to as "doom prophet mode", saying how we would be late and no-one would come anyway and I don't know why I bother trying... Chris told me to calm down, that he would fix it when he got home. so I went back to sleep until he arrived, so as nt to work myself any further into a state. he was good on his word, calling everyone and organizing everything as soon as he arrived. we all ended up meeting at 7:30, but other than that everything went according to plan.

in the end I decided on the pike cafe. it was packed when we got there, and they told us they didn't know how long it would take to get a table with such a big party. fate intervened, and a party of eight left within 15 minutes. so we didn't have to wait very long at all, just long enough for me to finish the white russian Chris got me. some guy and his girlfriend went outside to smoke and we took their standing place while we were waiting. when they came back inside, they came over to get their drinks. the lady wanted her standing place back, but that poor guy wasn't about to mess with all my mens. "I just want my beer!" he said apologetically, reaching behind me to grab it before getting out of their way. it was pretty funny, because they totally would have given the standing spot back. they look a lot more intimidating than they really are. but we got our table and they got their standing spot back anyway.

next Mike got me a dirty banana, which was super awesome. I had a chicken caesar wrap with fries for dinner, and then Mike got me a shot of whiskey. it was supposed to be Jameson, it is sort of a birthday tradition with all of us, but they didn't have any so it was something else. it was pretty good, though, which is strange because usually the cery scent of whiskey that isn't Jameson makes me want to vomit. Steve said it is because I am an old lady now, I have grown-up tastes. I had a funnel cake for dessert, and Steve bought me an electric lemonade. then it was back to Steve's house for drunken Rock Band 2. I like to sing more than usual when I am drunk.

when my voice was mostly gone, we watched Donnie Darko. I don't know why, but I remember it making a lot more sense the first time I saw it than it did last night. but it was still a great movie. so sad.

we slept very late today and then went grocery shopping. after that we played FFX for a while before going over to my parents' house for my birthday dinner - fried chicken and homemade macaroni and cheese. dessert was a strawberry pizza. everything was delicious, and I had a great time. it is nice to just hang out and watch tv now that I rarely get time to do that anymore.

Chris is at Steve's house now playing magic (I think he might be developing a problem), so I am probably just going to go to bed. I was going to upload my pictures from the weekend, but it has gotten later than I realized. so hopefully I will have those up tomorrow.

this has been an awesome birthday weekend. I suppose 25 isn't so bad at all.

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