Sunday, May 3, 2009

...and the livin' is easy

here I am! it has been some days. a quick overview:

Thursday I had a half day at work because of my Lady Doctor appointment. the parking lot was full, so I had to park on the street, which made me angry. the waiting room was packed with Interesting people who were presumably all there with one lady who was immensely pregnant but also had a baby who could just barely walk. this said baby was touching on everyone, even the unrelated people such as myself, and trying to hold babbling baby conversations with us. I played tetris and ignored this baby. I was there for an appointment, not to babysit. if she can't keep one child under control, she certainly shouldn't be having another. so that made me even angrier. someone had called off, so I couldn't even have my regular doctor. I had some nurse named Susan with a young assistant following her around. she (Susan) was brisk and had an attitude, of which I made quite plain I did not approve. so she was poking around down there for all of five minutes, with the young assistant peering over her sholder as though my nether-regions were the must-see movie of the year. some good came out of this, I switched my prescription back to ortho tri-cyclen lo. this microgetsin has made me very moody and does not help my problem (which will not be discussed here due to grossness) nearly as well.

Friday we went to the West Reading Diner with two friends of Chris' that used to work with him. one of them had to leave early because her baby was becoming upset and needed to go to bed, but the remaining three of us stayed until, like, 9:00. it was a nice time. I got a croissant sandwich and some cheese fries. yum! I had a pretty bad sinus headache when we got home (my mum thinks I have a sinus infection, and she's probably right), so I had some benadryl. this was my first benadryl experience and let me tell you, it totally knocked me out. I fell asleep on the sofa as soon as Chris left for Space Party at 10:00 and stayed there until 2:00, when I woke up briefly due to confusion. I managed to drag myself to bed, but fell asleep with all my clothes on for half an hour until Mutz woke me up. I then put my pajamas on and went to bed for real, sleeping until 9:30. it was awesome.

Saturday Chris had to work, but we went to the mall and bought him new shoes before he had to go. we also had lunch in the food court. then, when he was gone, I went shopping with my mum and sister. I bought a copy of Lolita, some address labels (to make my own, of course), an awesome turquoise stapler, paper clip dispenser, and business card holder, and some new jeans (which are size 3 - when did I become so huge and gross??). I also got a pretzel roll sandwich at Giant for dinner. then my sister came over to my place to play sims 2 while I talked at her for a while, just like old times. it was a good day. then we went to Steve's and played a game Kyle brought called Munchkin. it was a lot of fun. then Steve and Bobby taught me how to play chess while all the boring people played M:tG. I actually managed to stay up pretty late, which is unusual for me. it was a good night.

Spite is looking much better as of yesterday, for anyone who was concerned. he is opening his eyes and moving around and generally not looking dead. I am going to buy some crickets and see if he will eat them after I go to chinese with Mike and Kyle. be back later!

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