Thursday, May 21, 2009


it's weird. now that we are down to three people at work, I am stressed and overworked and constantly busy. every day this week I have left that place mentally exhausted. and yet I feel better about it then I have in a long time. I actually leave feeling like I have accomplished something. I am tired, but my day has not been a complete waste. I mean, it's a little more than I would prefer, don't get me wrong. I am very overwhelmed. and next week will be even worse, what with having off on Monday and everything. but at least I am doing things. it fills me with a weird sort of satisfaction.

we had dinosaur chicken nuggets for dinner tonight. they tasted like childhood.

speaking of food, we went to Musso's for their buffet last night for wings. I didn't get the buffet, but I sure wish I would have. Dustin tried to convince me to try a little stromboli, which is something I have always refused to try. but since I am trying to expand my horizons, I did try it. I nearly cried from the pure deliciousness of it. seriously, the fact that I have fought against something so wonderful for so many years is a tragedy. this has often been the case as of late. I try some "disgusting" food that I have spurned my entire life and it turns out to be amazing. probably this is because I am getting so old.

but I will never like onions. or mushrooms.

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  1. You are such a brat. And, someday you will like onions AND mushrooms. And you just won't tell anyone.