Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gamesday 2009

here it is, the long-awaited Gamesday entry! and only a week after the actual event!

so we left Friday evening instead of Friday afternoon because Shin was late. the traffic was pretty bad since the highway was, for some reason, down to one lane.
lots of traffic

I killed some time taking pictures. Steve was driving.
steve in the car

Chris was in the back.
chris in the car

I rode shotgun.
me in the car

we relaxed in the hotel room for a while.
shin at the hotel

that's my butt behind Mike.
mike at the hotel

we decided to go to The Nest for dinner.
the nest

the weather looked iffy, but it held out for us.
taking pictures

Steve and Mike
mike and steve at the nest

Kyle and Chris
kyle and chris at the nest

Shin and I. you can tell I am totally not drunk at all.
shin and I at the nest

Kyle and Chris broke out some cigars.
kyle and chris have cigars

Mike and me and Shin, with Kyle in the background. I really like this picture!
mike, me, shin, & kyle

Shin and Mike at the harbor...
shin defiles the harbor

we can tarnish the honor of anything.

wandering around the inner harbor.
wandering the harbor

we all sat down to look out over the water.
looking out over the water

Chris and I.
me and chris

the next day, I realized that I had forgotten my mascara and hair brush at home. so Kyle and I had to walk several thousand blocks (google maps tells me it is .5 mile each way) to the CVS to buy some. I didn't take pictures of this because I was too ticked off. but let it be known that I was already awake and had walked a mile by 9:00 AM. after we got back and I made myself presentable, we headed to Gamesday. because of me, we were running late, so we didn't get breakfast.

the line was pretty long when we got there, but I'm not sure what those people were waiting for. we went around them and got through the line in no time.
waiting for tickets

we spent most of the morning in line at the store. I spent a whole crap ton of money, it was pretty impressive. while we were in line, we saw a big squig get rolled by, but we didn't realize until later that it was a cake!
squig cake

apparently the Ace of Cakes guy made a squig cake for Gamesday. Awesome!
squig cake again

we were pretty well starved by the time we had bought all our things and fought the crowds for pictures of the cake, so we went to Quiznos for lunch.
quiznos for lunch

afterwards, we had to sit outside and wait for Kyle.
chris, shin, & steve

Kim came this year again, which was awesome.
kim and I

during this down-time, I finally remembered to take a picture of the chaos symbols Kylie had painted on my nails.
chaos fingers!

even though it was supposed to rain, the weather was beautiful.
walking back to the convention center

here's a picture of the crowd inside.
the crowd at gamesday

someone built a huge ork thing of some sort.
huge ork thing

I'm not sure what it is exactly, except that it flies, but it is pretty nifty none-the-less.
side view

there was a guy at the conversion contest that I caught cheating - he had a whole bunch of sprues under his feet. I couldn't bring myself to report him, so Steve stepped in and took care of it. it was awesome. I didn't take any pictures of this, either. here's the end of the costume contest. this is the guy who ended up winning, even though you could tell they really wanted to give it to the little kid.
costume contest

we went to dinner very soon after dinner, even though most of us weren't hungry yet. we went to Tír na nÓg, which is a pretty nifty place.
in tir na nog

Chris and Shin are retarded.
chris and shin at tir na nog

Steve and I shared some "chips".
me and steve at tir na nog

Kim and Dustin paused in their bickering to smile for a photo.
dustin and kim at tir na nog

Mike looks like he was having an awesome time.
mike and kyle at tir na nog

there were some guys performing outside. it was entertaining to watch the crowd trying to dance.
inner harbor

after dinner we had to wait outside for a while. I am not entirely sure why.
waiting at the harbor

when we finally got walkin' again, we came upon a prom. we took pictures because we have somehow become creepy old people. we also critiqued their dresses.
a prom

after that we went to the Ben and Jerry's stand. I got some oatmeal cookie chunk ice cream, which was really good. better, even, then the stuff at Cold Stone. it was legen-DAIRY (happy now, Steve?). then we went back to the hotel, which was really boring. so me and Chris and Shin and Kim went out to the bar. yeah, I know, pretty crazy turn of events. Kim got drunk in a hurry, which was really funny. unfortunately, I don't have pictures of this either.

eventually everyone else stopped being lame and came out with us, but I got a migraine and went to bed by midnight. while I was asleep, Mike lost his hat on the roof of the parking garage (don't ask questions, it is easier that way). in a hair-brained plot to rescue it, Shin lost his shoes.
where are shin's shoes?

we took pictures of them the following morning.
shin's shoes

before leaving Baltimore, we had some chinese at the Gallery mall.

on the way home we stopped at Cracker Barrel.
shin and steve at cracker barrel

we were mostly very tired.
us at cracker barrel

we all took turns with the stupid peg game. I have apparently lost any skill with pegs that I ever had.
chris and the peg game

Shin looked pretty cool on his motorcycle (and was driving me nuts with his death-defying stunts) so I took a picture.

and that was the end.

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