Saturday, May 16, 2009

some things

I'm gonna do my gamesday post in a minute, but first I have some other things.

at work on Friday, stuff happened - both good and bad. things are going to be very different there now, I am curious to see how this goes. I moved from my cubicle to the corner cubicle with two windows. I figured it would be nice to start over again on Monday, since things are gonna be so weird anyway.

but yeah, so I came home all excited to tell Chris all the stuff that went on. I did tell him, and we decided to go out to dinner. so we made some reservations and headed out. when we reached Chris' car, we immediately noticed that everything from his glove compartment and center console had been throw around. someone had broken in. we wondered how they had gotten in, but since it didn't look like anything except his pocket knife had been taken, we didn't think that much of it. I thought we should call the police, but he wasn't too concerned. then I got out of the car for some reason, I think I had forgotten something in the house. when I returned, I noticed a lot of glass on the ground. oh, would you look at that. his back passenger window was broken. I pointed this out to him. moments later, he realized that his huge box of orks was gone. we totaled it up later, it comes out to about $650 worth of stuff, maybe more. now we were definitely calling the police.

long story short, the evening was ruined. we spent the next four hours on the phone with the police and his insurance company. the police took down the information over the phone, but didn't bother to actually come out or anything. the insurance company was confusing, but eventually we got things straightened out. we would have to go to Lancaster at 12:45 on Saturday to get an appraisal from and authorized location. terrific. here are some pics of the damage:

broken window

front seat
front seat

back seat
back seat

so we went there today. the traffic was terrible, and we got turned around a few times, but ultimately things went pretty smoothly. the insurance guy was quick and efficient and explained everything we needed to know. his deductible is only $250, so that's not so bad. he'll also get a rental car, which is also covered. I am pretty impressed, honestly.

but yeah, that all sucked an awful lot. but it was the first major issue we had to deal with as a unit, and I think we handled it pretty well.

on an unrelated note, I think it would be fun to be a suicide girl. unfortunately, I think my family would disown me. I dunno if they'd take me anyway, I don't have any tattoos or piercings or anything like that. and I've certainly never dyed my hair at all. ah well. however, during my time browsing the site, I have decided I really like the way this scarification thing looks. like, it is subtle, but it gets the point across. I wonder if they, like, numb you before they start going to town on your skin. cuz the fresh ones look holy crap painful. I will have to look into this, I think.'

but yeah, that's been my weekend.

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  1. Nice entry, but yes, the Suicide Girls is probably not a good idea. You must be having a moment of temporary insanity. Won't that look nice when she's/you in her 50's, 60's and so on... Numb you- I highly doubt it,lol.