Sunday, June 28, 2009

old times

we (me, Chris, Grant, and Kyle) went to the Celtic Fling today. I will put up a slide show as soon as I collect pictures from Grant. I took my own, of course, but I wanna see what he has. I'll write about it when that happens.

yesterday we went to look at a house that is up for auction in a couple of weeks. it was wonderful and awesome and entirely too good to be true. there is no way we could possibly fall into something as great as this house.

after that, we went to Chris' parents' house so he could fix his mom's computer fan. we got to play with kittens!

two of them are shaky, they have some neurological thing that I can't recall at the moment. other than looking silly, there is nothing wrong with them. as you can see, they run and play around just like normal kittens.

later, at night, we went to Queen City. a good number of us showed up - it was like old times. it is a shame they cannot be convinced to do this more often.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

base-level puns

so my mum and I were supposed to go to the Celtic Fling concert tonight, but Chris and I had to take Mutz to the vet instead. he had been vomiting all over the place for a few days, more than usual that is, and he was due for his shots anyway. but you will all be pleased to hear that there is nothing wrong with that cat - he is fine. we also bought the new Red Faction game (which is a lot of fun) and some Chick-Fil-A for dinner (which was delicious - I love you, Chick-Fil-A Sauce).

yesterday was laundry day, I spent the evening with my parents. we had chicken and lots of vegetables for dinner. I am so starved for vegetables these days - I love them. probably this is because I don't usually get to eat them at home. I also buried poor Gor-Gor next to Spite in my parents' yard.

Grant is home for some reason until Tuesday, which is an exciting suprise. there are tentative plans to go to the Celtic Fling on Sunday. I hope this pans out, I am always up for a trip to the Ren Faire. Chris and I wanna buy a fancy,bound book to keep our original recipes. you know, the ones we make up.

speaking of which, I really will make the meat pie entry eventually. things have just been very busy and stressful lately.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


as promised, here are some pics of my cucumber plants.

we went to Zia Maria for wings tonight. it was really good. I had the Visco sandwich - I highly recommend it.

sleep now.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

it is a moustache

yesterday was anime night. we have recently started watching the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya, which I am really enjoying. we had quiznos for dinner, which I also enjoyed.

today Chris had off of work, so he made pork chops and scalloped potatoes for dinner. I had to eat and run, though, because of Bible Study. this is one of those weeks that suck - we won't have any home nights at all. I hate that.

one of our cucumber plants has a flower on it, I will try and take a picture tomorrow.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


I am so ticked off. there are not even enough words for it. apparently the Arts on the Avenue went on yesterday, in spite of the torrential downpours. if they were planning to have it rain or shine, they probably should have mentioned that in the advertising, and not had a RAIN DATE. so now I missed this thing I have been looking forward to since last year. thanks a lot, Penn Avenue.

we ended up going out for lunch instead, my mum, sister, and I. we went to Plaza Azteca, which is a place I have been meaning to try. I got the Chicken & Fried Rice. it was amazing. I will definitely be going back there. also, they have fried ice cream, which I haven't seen since Chi-Chi's closed. our waiter was obviously new and not very good, but that doesn't really impact my opinion of the place.

after that, we spent a while at the Goodwill looking for interesting finds. I got a few things, but not a whole lot. our Goodwill is pretty much hit or miss. I wanna try some second-hand shops around here sometime, see if I can find anything good. we sure did see some interesting sites, though. goodness!

we also stopped by an open house. it was a really nice place, but kinda overpriced for the size. the guy who lives there is a contractor and has done all sorts of amazing work to the place. but regardless of how cool it looks, it is still only so big. and also, the location is not great. I think they might wanna consider lowering the price a bit. either way, it was out of my price range.

I had a brief nap on my parents' sofa, then came back here. I will probably play sims for the rest of the evening until Chris gets home. I'll take screenshots if anything interesting happens.


spent the afternoon playing sims 3. I have made some progress, Yasmir and Maxfield are now engaged.
sims 3

I went to my parents' house for dinner and father's day activities, since they are having my cousin-uncle and his wife over for dinner tomorrow. we got him an old Price Is Right board game from the 1970s and an mp3 player for all his music. unfortunately, the mp3 player does not have the built-in speaker we thought it did (we wanted the Zen Mosaic, not the Zen Mosaic LX), so we're gonna have to send it back and get a new one.

dinner was (amazing) homemade hamburgers, grilled veggies, and slices of pineapple, honeydew, and cantaloupe. I tried some honeydew, to see if my allergy to it had suddenly gone away, but it has not. dessert was long johns, which are apparently a type of doughnut as well as underwear.

we watched Taken, which was really good. it was so intense, I was having chest pains. the very end was a little weird, but I won't ruin it for those who haven't seen it.

now I am back home, alone. Chris is out at SteveMikeBobby's playing magic. I could have gone along, but I would rather sleep in my bed than on their sofa. I am standing by my resolution that there is no reason for me to even bother going along when M:tG is the only planned activity. that sounded angry, but I really am not. they are free to do whatever they like, so long as I don't have to sit there and be bored.

all in all, it has been a pretty good day. I hope the weather holds out for tomorrow. keep your fingers crossed!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

about time

added a slide show of bay pictures to the bay post. I think slide shows might be the easiest way to go, rather than having really long picture posts.

Art on the Avenue was postponed til tomorrow due to rain. I never thought I would say this, but I am really sick of rain. it has seriously rained for about two weeks straight.

the only time it let up was last night, which was great since Chris and I went to the Apple Dumpling Festival. it was a lot of fun, the food was delicious and there were some interesting sights to see. that place was loaded with overly pregnant ladies and scantly clad teens. sometimes it was a two-for-one deal. pretty creepy. since I know everyone is wondering, here is what we ate: an Auntie Anne's pretzel, cheese fries, a hot dog, pierogies, cinnamon almonds, and apple dumplings. it didn't even cost very much, as far as carnival food goes. we wnt grocery shopping afterwards, since Chris has to work all stupid weekend. then we came home and watched some anime and went to sleep.

this morning we went to QC for breakfast since I wasn't going to AotA. after Chris left, I straightened up the apartment, watered my plants, and gave Hauclir a salad. now I am going to go play some much-deserved sims.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I was like that too

here's the last week and a half in review. I have pictures, I will add them in tomorrow or something.

saturday - 06/06
we went to SteveMikeBobby's. there wasn't any d&d, there was mostly just eating and standing around on the deck. I had my first everclear experience and fell asleep on the sofa around 10:30. we went home around 12:30, where I fell asleep on our sofa until 6:30 in the morning. I woke up confused and went to bed for real.

sunday - 06/07
I went to look at a house with my parents and sister while Chris took Bobby and Mike to the Scratch & Dent store for a microwave. I liked the house, but it was way too expensive for the work that still needed to be done. then Chris and I went driving around to look at some forclosures we found on the internet. one of them is really nice. when we got home, we found that Spite had died. that pretty much ruined the rest of the day. we went to the pet store to buy new substrate and ended up also getting Chris a new lizard. he is much bigger than Gor-Gor. he named him Hauclir.

monday - 06/08
anime night.

tuesday - 06/09
Bible Study

wednesday - 06/10
wings. we tried to go to the Pike, but the wait was too long. we ended up going for chinese instead. afterwards, Chris and I went home to play WAR. we've started new characters on some server I don't remember at this point. I'll stick it in here tomorrow or something.

thursday - 06/11
laundry night at my parents' house. my Sims 3 collectors edition finally showed up, but I didn't have time to install it. we watched Obsessed and Intervention. Intervention was about twin sisters who were both anorexic. they had a sort of competition going on, so they were always together. they even slept in the same bed, even though they were in their twenties. it's terrible and sad, but at the same time there was something very beautiful about it, I think.

friday - 06/12
left for the bay after work. we were running late, of course, so we didn't end up leaving SteveMikeBobby's until 7:00. we stopped at KFC for dinner; the guy forgot to give me the soda that came with my combo, but I was too tired to tell him about it. we finally got to Shin's place around midnight. I wanted to go to bed, but everyone else wanted to stay up so I slept on the hammock on the patio until they were all ready to call it a night.

saturday - 06/13

we spent most of the day out on the dock. we fished for a while, but didn't catch anything. Chris found a fish in the crab trap and considers himself the successful fisherman of the weekend, but I don't think it counts. we went to Snappers for dinner. I got the chicken chesapeake sandwich, which was awesome. after that we went back to the house and drank on the patio until all hours of the night. there was a great thunderstorm, it was beautiful. there were some scary stories, and I may or may not have screamed in terror at some point.

sunday - 06/14
we left the bay, stopping at the waffle house on the way home. I haven't eaten at one of those since 1999, so it was nice to go there again. we went grocery shopping and then went home. while we were gone, my apartment was magically cleaned. Chris suggested we give my mum our keys every weekend. I finally got to install and play Sims 3. it was so overwhelmingly wonderful, I nearly cried. Chris and I each designed a character (Yasmir Kilgore and Maxfield Stanton, respectively) , just to get a feel for the character creation.

monday - 06/15
Chris called me at work to let me know that Gor-Gor had died sometime in the morning. I have decided I will not buy another, I will just share Hauclir. I can't take any more pet death right now. I stayed home from anime to play sims 3.

tuesday - 06/16
spent most of the evening watching Chris create characters in Sims 3. we also watched the latest episode of Show and the first episode of the new anime they started without me on monday.

went to Paolo's for wings. now we are at SteveMikeBobby's watching Metalocalypse.

so yeah, there's the update. it's just been a sad and stressfull and busy week and a half; I should be back to updating regularly now. yay hooray.

Monday, June 15, 2009

{]: (

Spite & Gor-Gor

Gor-Gor, my tiny lizard, died this morning. he was fine last night when I went to bed, much like what happened with Spite. perhaps they both had the same mystery illness, or perhaps he wsa just too sad and lonely without his brother. Chris, who found him, said it looked like he just went to sleep. I am very sad, but I am glad it was a peaceful death. I think I will be done with lizards for a while.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

the third thing

Chris' lizard, Spite, has died for no apparent reason. he was fine this morning. as such, my meat pie and etc. post will be delayed due to sadness.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

mullet with headlights

guess who drove on the highway today - it was me!

we're making a meat pie. I'll have pics up tomorrow. we went for lunch with Bobby at K-Ville Hotel. I really like it, it was super-quaint. I had the California Panini. it's pretty far away, but I would definitely go there again.

we're going over to SteveMikeBobby's tonight for a picnic/outdoor D&D session. we'll get good and drunk and really make the neighbors uncomfortable. I'll try and remember to take some pics.

Friday, June 5, 2009


that's what I am.

I am very tired and have a busy day planned tomorrow and as such am just going to go to bed. here is my abbreviated week:

went to SteveMikeBobby's for anime night. we ordered chinese from a nearby place, Beijing Chef III. it was pretty good, and we got some free food thanks to the hugeness of our order. I look forward to eating there again.

birds discovered the bird feeder on my tiny deck. I discovered $56 in my jeans pocket. Chris and I went to Friendly's. I had the Vermont White Cheddar Burger, which is very unusual for me. as a rule, I don't order burgers at restaurants because I am concerned about the preparation process. but I stepped out of my comfort zone and it was delicious.

we went to California Bar and Grill for wings. I had the Turkey Bacon & Ranch flatbread sandwich. it was awesome, as usual. afterwards, we went to SteveMikeBobby's and discussed things that are meta. it was one of the mosy enjoyable conversations I have had with those guys in a long time. like the good old days. I was sorry to leave.

laundry night at my parents house. ate real food for the first time all week. leftover roast beef in gravy, on toast. one of my favorite things in the world. we went for a ride after dinner, during which I looked for houses to buy. we didn't find anything. then we came back and ate pastries while watching Obsessed. I am glad my OCD is no longer that bad. I hope this show allows people to see that OCD is not a laughing matter, it is a serious problem.

was informed that we are changing health insurance providers at work today. I will have to run the new stuff by my mum, I am sure she will be thrilled. Chris got his car back, it looks all shiny and new. even though his insurance covered the rental car, he was still charged $15 a day for it, coming out to a total of $150. he says that the rental place said that it was for insurance on the rental, but I think that should have been covered as well. he is calling his insurance guy abut it tomorrow, I hope he gets it straightened out.

we went to several different pet stores to find crickets for the dragons. our usual place, Pet Supplies Plus, was for some reason not selling crickets today, even though they had them in stock. very strange. next we tried PetSmart, but they only had really tiny crickets and really big ones. they did, however, have two turkish angora cats. for the uninformed, that is the breed my cat, Virgo, was. he died in 1999 at the age of 21, but I have never really gotten over it. I cried a little in the store, but Chris led me away to look at the fluffy birds, which distracted me long enough to get a grip. I appreciate that he did not once become exasperated with me. at least not that I noticed, that is. we stopped off at Burger King for dinner - I got chicken fries, Chris got a TenderCrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch. we finally ended up getting the crickets at PetCo, where we were overcharged. I was irritated, but I did not cause a scene because I know Chris doesn't like it. And really, it wasn't that much. they were supposed to be $0.10 a piece. we got 25 or them. our bill was $3.18 - including tax. so they charged us $3.00 where they should have charged $2.50 - that's $0.02 extra per cricket. Chris didn't even notice until I pointed it out to him in the car. perhaps I need a hobby.

Chris asked me the other day if all I write about here are the things we eat from day to day. it seems to me that he is not off, and he doesn't even read this!

anyway, I am going to bed now. good night!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

cat face

we did end up going out to Steve, Mike, and Bobby's new place for a little while on Saturday. I am sure the neighbors are thrilled...

garage Steve

Sunday Chris had to work for a few hours, so I went to hang out with my parents and sister. Kylie put pin curls in my hair.

pin curls

I finally got around to putting the stones in my creek bed. I still need a few more, but I think it looks pretty good.

pond and creek bed

I think that playing in the mud must be one of those things you never grow out of enjoying. I say this because I am 25 years old and I was having a blast. I was up to my elbows in mud, it was all over my pants, I was a mess. and I went grocery shopping afterward without bothering to change clothes. I am awesome.

Mum and Dad gave me some plants to take home with me. I now have a spider plant, two cucumbers, and two yellow flowers (I can't remember what they are) in addition to the Christmas cactus and aloe plant I already have. it is a veritable green house in here!


in the evening Chris and I went to Steve's parents' house to pick up his cell phone and say hi to everyone who was over there having a post-moving cookout. then we picked up Highlander, which I had never seen, at the video store. it was a fun movie. a little cheesy, but what can you expect from 1986? I think I am just spoiled by the special effects of today. if I had seen it as a child it probably would have made a better first impression.

yesterday and today happened as well, and so did D&S on Saturday, but I am tired now and want to go to bed (because I am an old person). I will talk about them tomorrow, maybe. they weren't very exciting, you aren't missing much. {]: )

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