Sunday, June 21, 2009


I am so ticked off. there are not even enough words for it. apparently the Arts on the Avenue went on yesterday, in spite of the torrential downpours. if they were planning to have it rain or shine, they probably should have mentioned that in the advertising, and not had a RAIN DATE. so now I missed this thing I have been looking forward to since last year. thanks a lot, Penn Avenue.

we ended up going out for lunch instead, my mum, sister, and I. we went to Plaza Azteca, which is a place I have been meaning to try. I got the Chicken & Fried Rice. it was amazing. I will definitely be going back there. also, they have fried ice cream, which I haven't seen since Chi-Chi's closed. our waiter was obviously new and not very good, but that doesn't really impact my opinion of the place.

after that, we spent a while at the Goodwill looking for interesting finds. I got a few things, but not a whole lot. our Goodwill is pretty much hit or miss. I wanna try some second-hand shops around here sometime, see if I can find anything good. we sure did see some interesting sites, though. goodness!

we also stopped by an open house. it was a really nice place, but kinda overpriced for the size. the guy who lives there is a contractor and has done all sorts of amazing work to the place. but regardless of how cool it looks, it is still only so big. and also, the location is not great. I think they might wanna consider lowering the price a bit. either way, it was out of my price range.

I had a brief nap on my parents' sofa, then came back here. I will probably play sims for the rest of the evening until Chris gets home. I'll take screenshots if anything interesting happens.

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