Tuesday, June 2, 2009

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we did end up going out to Steve, Mike, and Bobby's new place for a little while on Saturday. I am sure the neighbors are thrilled...

garage Steve

Sunday Chris had to work for a few hours, so I went to hang out with my parents and sister. Kylie put pin curls in my hair.

pin curls

I finally got around to putting the stones in my creek bed. I still need a few more, but I think it looks pretty good.

pond and creek bed

I think that playing in the mud must be one of those things you never grow out of enjoying. I say this because I am 25 years old and I was having a blast. I was up to my elbows in mud, it was all over my pants, I was a mess. and I went grocery shopping afterward without bothering to change clothes. I am awesome.

Mum and Dad gave me some plants to take home with me. I now have a spider plant, two cucumbers, and two yellow flowers (I can't remember what they are) in addition to the Christmas cactus and aloe plant I already have. it is a veritable green house in here!


in the evening Chris and I went to Steve's parents' house to pick up his cell phone and say hi to everyone who was over there having a post-moving cookout. then we picked up Highlander, which I had never seen, at the video store. it was a fun movie. a little cheesy, but what can you expect from 1986? I think I am just spoiled by the special effects of today. if I had seen it as a child it probably would have made a better first impression.

yesterday and today happened as well, and so did D&S on Saturday, but I am tired now and want to go to bed (because I am an old person). I will talk about them tomorrow, maybe. they weren't very exciting, you aren't missing much. {]: )

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