Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I was like that too

here's the last week and a half in review. I have pictures, I will add them in tomorrow or something.

saturday - 06/06
we went to SteveMikeBobby's. there wasn't any d&d, there was mostly just eating and standing around on the deck. I had my first everclear experience and fell asleep on the sofa around 10:30. we went home around 12:30, where I fell asleep on our sofa until 6:30 in the morning. I woke up confused and went to bed for real.

sunday - 06/07
I went to look at a house with my parents and sister while Chris took Bobby and Mike to the Scratch & Dent store for a microwave. I liked the house, but it was way too expensive for the work that still needed to be done. then Chris and I went driving around to look at some forclosures we found on the internet. one of them is really nice. when we got home, we found that Spite had died. that pretty much ruined the rest of the day. we went to the pet store to buy new substrate and ended up also getting Chris a new lizard. he is much bigger than Gor-Gor. he named him Hauclir.

monday - 06/08
anime night.

tuesday - 06/09
Bible Study

wednesday - 06/10
wings. we tried to go to the Pike, but the wait was too long. we ended up going for chinese instead. afterwards, Chris and I went home to play WAR. we've started new characters on some server I don't remember at this point. I'll stick it in here tomorrow or something.

thursday - 06/11
laundry night at my parents' house. my Sims 3 collectors edition finally showed up, but I didn't have time to install it. we watched Obsessed and Intervention. Intervention was about twin sisters who were both anorexic. they had a sort of competition going on, so they were always together. they even slept in the same bed, even though they were in their twenties. it's terrible and sad, but at the same time there was something very beautiful about it, I think.

friday - 06/12
left for the bay after work. we were running late, of course, so we didn't end up leaving SteveMikeBobby's until 7:00. we stopped at KFC for dinner; the guy forgot to give me the soda that came with my combo, but I was too tired to tell him about it. we finally got to Shin's place around midnight. I wanted to go to bed, but everyone else wanted to stay up so I slept on the hammock on the patio until they were all ready to call it a night.

saturday - 06/13

we spent most of the day out on the dock. we fished for a while, but didn't catch anything. Chris found a fish in the crab trap and considers himself the successful fisherman of the weekend, but I don't think it counts. we went to Snappers for dinner. I got the chicken chesapeake sandwich, which was awesome. after that we went back to the house and drank on the patio until all hours of the night. there was a great thunderstorm, it was beautiful. there were some scary stories, and I may or may not have screamed in terror at some point.

sunday - 06/14
we left the bay, stopping at the waffle house on the way home. I haven't eaten at one of those since 1999, so it was nice to go there again. we went grocery shopping and then went home. while we were gone, my apartment was magically cleaned. Chris suggested we give my mum our keys every weekend. I finally got to install and play Sims 3. it was so overwhelmingly wonderful, I nearly cried. Chris and I each designed a character (Yasmir Kilgore and Maxfield Stanton, respectively) , just to get a feel for the character creation.

monday - 06/15
Chris called me at work to let me know that Gor-Gor had died sometime in the morning. I have decided I will not buy another, I will just share Hauclir. I can't take any more pet death right now. I stayed home from anime to play sims 3.

tuesday - 06/16
spent most of the evening watching Chris create characters in Sims 3. we also watched the latest episode of Show and the first episode of the new anime they started without me on monday.

went to Paolo's for wings. now we are at SteveMikeBobby's watching Metalocalypse.

so yeah, there's the update. it's just been a sad and stressfull and busy week and a half; I should be back to updating regularly now. yay hooray.

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