Sunday, June 28, 2009

old times

we (me, Chris, Grant, and Kyle) went to the Celtic Fling today. I will put up a slide show as soon as I collect pictures from Grant. I took my own, of course, but I wanna see what he has. I'll write about it when that happens.

yesterday we went to look at a house that is up for auction in a couple of weeks. it was wonderful and awesome and entirely too good to be true. there is no way we could possibly fall into something as great as this house.

after that, we went to Chris' parents' house so he could fix his mom's computer fan. we got to play with kittens!

two of them are shaky, they have some neurological thing that I can't recall at the moment. other than looking silly, there is nothing wrong with them. as you can see, they run and play around just like normal kittens.

later, at night, we went to Queen City. a good number of us showed up - it was like old times. it is a shame they cannot be convinced to do this more often.

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  1. Put a "celtic fling" album up on the ole myspace. so hurry up and get yours up