Sunday, July 12, 2009

catch-up post!

I've been slacking off again! nothing much of interest really happened this week. here's a review of dinners this week.

Monday - perdue chicken patties

Tuesday - spare ribs and corn on the cob @ my parents' house

Wednesday - AYCE pizza and stromboli buffet at Your Place

Thursday -prosciutto stuffed chicken @ Buca di Beppo w/ Chris' parents

Friday - turkey and provolone sandwich from Ando's @ my parents house

Saturday - more of the huge turkey and provolone sandwich

yesterday I broke my camera. I tripped over one of Chris' shoes and fell down, throwing my camera as I went. it landed on the open lens, which now won't open correctly. it opens and closes and beeps a lot. I was very distressed.

I spent most of the day trying to find a new one. I took one of Chris' 40k miniatures with me to test the macro setting. my mum, sister, and I first tried Target, since that is where I had gotten it in the first place. that, of course, was 2 years ago so they obviously didn't have anymore. they had some comparable ones, but I wasn't satisfied.

when Chris got home from M:tG, we went to Best Buy. I found one that is similar, but better, than the one I have now. of course, it is out of stock. I have never, ever been able to just go to Best Buy and buy what I want. I alway, always have to come back later. that is why I bought my now-broken camera at Target - Best Buy was out of stock. they should call that place Best Out of Stock. or perhaps Best Come Back Next Week. anyway, here is the camera I will probably be getting on Tuesday.

I finished the first week of my housekeeping schedule, by the way. it begins today! when I have a camera, I will take a photo. I think the camera mentioned about has a special setting for taking pictures of text documents. how exciting!

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