Sunday, July 5, 2009


yesterday was pretty good, as days go. Chris and I decided to put off grocery shopping, since Giant was full of last minute picnic shoppers. instead, we went to KFC for brunch. I am not usually in the habit of eating chicken and potato wedges at 11:30 in the morning, but what can you do? it was a very surreal trip to the KFC. the radio station they had on was playing all sorts of songs that sounded very nearly like 80s songs, but not quite right. it sounded like bands trying to emulate the 80s, you know? I am somewhat of an 80s song expert, and I did not recognize a single song. it was like being in the sims, with pretend songs meant to sound like real ones. so weird.

after that, Chris went to M:tG because he is lame. I went to my parents' house to help my mum get ready for the picnic. I also took a nap on their sofa, as is my way. eventually, people started showing up. I hung out there and ate their food until Chris finished M:tG and came over. he ate some food also, then we headed to Bobby's mom's house for more food. we walked to Community Days from there and eventually found the tarp my mum had put out earlier in the day. if you have never been to Community Days, I should tell you that tarps are necessary. otherwise, you will never get a seat.

while we were waiting for the fireworks to start, there was a UFO. I took a very terrible picture of it, which is in the slideshow.

the fireworks were awesome, as usual. I have never seen a better show than can be found at Community Days. seriously.

we went back to collect our cars and drove to SteveMikeBobby's house. the traffic was insane, as usual, but we got there eventually. they put on Yellowbeard, but I fell asleep on the recliner almost immediately, so I missed it. ah well.

all in all, it was a pretty good 4th of July.

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