Sunday, July 19, 2009

she who paints the earth red

last night Shin came over, which was a pleasant surprise, and we went to V&S. then we went to SteveMikeBobby's to watch The Hunt for Red October. I liked it a lot, even though it wasn't something I would have thought to watch on my own. Brandon showed up and was drunk at us. it was a pretty good night.

today Chris and I went to his parents' house to feed their dogs. I took some pictures.

here are some miscellaneous cats and fish. from top to bottom: Shush, Runt, various pacus, and Bebe.

Tank and Essa. this is a good size comparison picture. Tank, who is largely wolf, is a huge animal.
wolf dog

me and Tank. again, note how ridiculously huge he is. I have been terrified of this guy for quite a while, but I think I am finally starting to get used to him. he's so friendly and scared of everything, but I can't help thinking how easily he could eat me...

we also took The Beast for a brief ride to look at the house I mentioned yesterday, but those pictures didn't turn out so well (since I somehow had the camera on video mode...) so I won't be posting them.

you may have noticed that I am inexplicably wearing a winter hat in the middle of summer. it just so happens that I knitted that hat this weekend and am pretty darned proud of it. you can see it here on deviantART.

gotta go eat some pizza now. good night!


  1. Holy crap that wolf/dog is HUGE!! He is absolutely beautiful though.
    I kinda figured about the hat...
    The first cat, Shush, looks like he's wearing a hood witha partial mask, lol. Sorta like Batman.

  2. aw, he is huge but adorable!
    also, I want a hat.

    and brandon is a loser :|
    a drunk loser who will sadly waste his life *shakes head*

  3. also... I'm included now so :P