Friday, July 3, 2009

slim fast

ah, Independence Day Eve, the most important day in ever American's year. a day when the privileged elite get a day off from work for no apparent reason. it is a wonderful day.

I began celebrating last night with a strawberry margarita and skittle shots. I then proceeded to sleep for 13 hours (10:30 pm - 11:30 am). I also washed dishes and put my clean clothes away (they have been sitting around since Tuesday). it has been a boring, but relaxing day.

I have been informed that the recent lack of updates has left the masses wondering what I have been eating. the answer? not a whole lot! I haven't been feeling great lately due to stress (I hope), but here is a list of things I have eaten for dinner this week, measly as it is.

Monday - I don't remember! I know I had a funnel cake at Community Days and some humus at the Wyo Diner, but I can't remember what we actually had for dinner. I will ask Chris when he gets home, he might remember.

Tuesday - scrambled egg sandwich at my parents' house.

Wednesday - went to Austin's for "wings". I had the Monterey Ranch Salad. it was pretty good, but the dressing was kinda weird and the chicken was reminiscent of lunch meat. it was huge, though, and the pine nuts were great.

Thursday - Chris made dinner, but decided the cheese he used had gone bad so we had to throw it out. I was pretty sad, it smelled good to me. we ended up getting Mama's pizza, since Ando's was closed. I had a garlic roll and a few bites of his chicken bacon ranch pizza.

Friday (today) - so far I have had half of a Slim·Fast cappuccino shake and a mint candy.

perhaps I should start review the places I eat at one of the many restaurant review sites floating around on the internet...

after being forced to use a Magic Eraser on my dishes this afternoon, I have decided my housekeeping skills might need a little help. as such, I am planning to compile a sort of housekeeping daily planner, complete with checklists. I have found that I am more likely to perform tasks if they are written down in list form so that I can check them off. anyone who has been to my apartment or cubicle at work has probably seen checklists. I think this probably was caused by the summer chore lists my mum used to make up where my sister and I could place star stickers next to the chores we completed. but anyway, I have been browsing around and have found some great examples online. I could just use one of those, but I think I would rather have something custom-made to fit my schedule. I will be using them as a guideline, however, as well as the Good Housekeeping how-to binder my mum bought for me. I am pretty excited about this.

I have also been checking out a lot of decorating sites today. I think a steampunk theme would be right up my alley, what with all the clutter and ridiculousness. now all I need is a house... ha.

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  1. Hooray! You're going to start cleaning!! A Magic Eraser, now really. I still have those star stickers if you want them, lol. I knew if I left you alone today you might accomplish something...
    Steampunk..I could see that. Even though it seems to have a tad bit of an industrial feel.