Friday, August 28, 2009

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hi there.

we are looking at a new house that has our hopes up. there is a bit of a floor problem in one of the bedrooms, but our realtor says maybe they will fix it in order to sell to us. we shall see. I am through being optimistic. had a bit of a breakdown on Wednesday, I am so very sick of all this house disappointment. cried a bunch and went to bed before 10:00.

still haven't gotten my ADiML pictures up because I am very lazy. it's a serious problem.

we went to Smokey Bones on Tuesday. the pretzel sticks are back! hurrah! also, they have a frequent diner club which I have (of course) joined. I get so many free coupons from so many restaurants - it really pays to join these things, really. I rarely pay full price for food.

for the first time since april, it actually feels decent in this apartment. amazing!

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