Tuesday, September 29, 2009

clock house day fair

we went for our mortgage today. the guy says we shouldn't even worry in the least about getting it, with credit like ours. that is a nice thing to hear.

the landlady cornered Chris this afternoon about our notice, so I don't have to worry. she is happy for us and not angry, which he was concerned about (though I am not sure why).

after we went to mortgage place, my parents took us (and Kylie and Mike) out for ice cream at Friendly's. delicious. it was a fun time.

I am feeling much more excited today. it was a good day.

Monday, September 28, 2009

drunken sailor

gave our one month notice to the landlady today, along with our rent. I hope she doesn't, like, try to talk to me about it or something. I will tell her to talk to Chris, he is the mouthpiece. then I will run upstairs and lock the door and hide in the bathroom til he gets home. I really don't like talking to the landlady. she starts with you and then you are stuck forever as she goes on and on about nothing of particular interest.

so there's no going back now. if this falls through or something, we will be homeless people, living in our cars. maybe we can finally try out the gypsy lifestyle. I suggest this to Chris at least three times per week, but so far he remains unmoved. that guy, no sense of adventure. but yeah, the terror level is through the roof. I really hope that this all works out and goes smoothly and I live happily ever after the end.

in other news, I won $107 from the powerball this weekend. I think that I will go for the full $170 million on Wednesday.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

once again, I know

feeling a little more excited today. keep thinking about all the cool things I will be able to do to a house that I own.

breakfast was delicious, of course. because we were a large group (seven of us), we got to eat in a crazy back room we'd never seen before called The Banquet Room. it was awesome because there was a special buffet with all the usual options back there, but only for the people in this special room. it was pretty empty in there when we arrived, even though the main restaurant was super full. it started to fill up as time went by, but I had already eaten my fill, so it was okay. I got to sit back and relax w/ my s'mores cappuccino and watch the bizarre selection of people walk by me. I saw four separate sets of suspenders, which is not something you can say at most dining establishments. someone overslept and never showed up (Shin), but we somehow survived without him. Steve seemed content with his last Shady Maple gorging session, which is really all anyone can ask.

Chris' car has been making some sounds, so we took it over to his parents' house so that his step-dad could check it out. hopefully he can find out what is wrong and fix it without too much trouble. I hope it is nothing big, since our money needs to go towards house.

Friday, September 25, 2009


the sellers are fixing things and we can go ahead and buy the house. everything is good.

I do not feel as excited as I probably should. perhaps it just hasn't hit me yet. we're going to finalize the mortgage thing on Tuesday. maybe it will be more exciting at that point.

me, Chris, and Steve went to the Ephrata Fair last night. it was really nice. much bigger than Community Days, and with a better food selection. we tried some fried pickles; they were pretty good. there was some thing called monkey bread, which was very delicious. the paint job on the stand was... interesting. should have a picture of that tomorrow, if Steve remembers to upload it for me.

we're going to Shady Maple for breakfast tomorrow, Steve's last hurrah. I am looking forward to it, except for the whole getting up early thing. ah well. it will be good.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

can't take much more of this

now it looks like the house does have termites after all. the sellers thought that since the previous treatment had a lifetime warranty, the company would honor it and treat the termites for free. unfortunately, that company was bought out. the new company cares not for old promises from the seventies. so the sellers will have to pay to have it re-treated. fine.

however, the seller's realtor is on vacation until Monday night, so nothing will be able to move forward until that point. our realtor is convinced they will pay for this and everything will progress as usual. she urges us to make an appointment with our mortage guy and get our mortgage. she also said it should be fine to give our landlady our month's notice, but I am not doing that until I have some much more definate answers.

so I am just about at my wit's end. "just don't think about it," said Chris as he drove off to play M:tG for the remainder of the day. yes, sure, I'll just not think about it as I sit here alone, doing nothing, for the next eight hours. that shouldn't be a problem at all, what with the way I have absolutley nothing to do BUT think about it. no problem at all.

this was a lot easier when I didn't have any hope left.

Friday, September 18, 2009

transfer that stain

so now it turns out there might not be termites at the house at all. the tunnels that the inspector saw might be left over from when there were termites there back in the 70s (the sellers had the house treated back then - we knew about this, it was in the disclosure). that would leave the porch as the only large problem, and the sellers are willing to get that fixed. so if this is all true, we can still buy the house.

I am just so frustrated by this whole business. I really need to know what is going on so that I can give our landlady a month's notice by September 30. that's, like, a week away. we really need to get a move on, here.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

another thing coming

still haven't heard anything back from the sellers. Chris is gonna call the realtor tomorrow to see what is going on, so we should at least know something at that point. maybe. this is ridiculous.

Chris remains optimistic, but I really don't think there's much hope. I am sad about this, as I really like that house, but what can you do? if I have to wait another year, what's the worst that will happen? I'll have more money for a down payment? terrible!

I mean, obviously, if it does turn out that they will fix these things I will be very happy. I just don't see it happening.

I think it is going to come down to us staying at the apartment we currently are in or finding a new one. but I am not going to press this issue with Chris until we hear from the realtor. I don't want to be the one who crushes his hopes and dreams.

it's strange, but I am very at peace with everything right now. I am calling it a state of zen despair. like, every time I start to think about an unpleasant, stressful thing, my mind immediately skips away singing. "la la la, nothing to see here." it's confusing, but nice. Chris says it is nothing so dramatic, it is a simple case of repression. who knows? I just know that I haven't wept in several days, and that is pretty nice.

Monday, September 14, 2009

rapid hope loss

so we heard a little from our realtor today. apparently some of the stuff we didn't care about from the inspection (a few stuck windows, no railings on the stairs) will also have to be fixed in order to pass FHA approval. these are in addition to the things I mentioned yesterday, of course. in the email, our realtor said that if we can't help with repairs (which we can't), the sellers might just have to let the bank take it. this is not a good sign. looks like the sellers don't have any money, either.

Chris called the realtor when he got home, since I was far too distressed to do it myself. she said that she is going to have the work appraised and then get back to the sellers (and us, I assume) with the projected costs. at this point, a decision will be made as to who can repair what. my guess is that no-one can repair very much.

even if they do somehow find the funds to fix these problems, I am concerned that time may be an issue. here's the situation:
  • our lease runs out October 31
  • we need to give a month notice in order to get our security deposit back
  • it is already September 14th
  • I am unwilling to give notice when I don't even know for sure that I am going to be able to leave
so in order for this to all work out, they need to have this stuff appraised and fixed within about two weeks. this seems highly unlikely to me. it's just really frustrating because I don't even know if there would be time for us to find another house and go through this whole process again before the tax credit thing runs out. gah! I hate this.

I was really down earlier, but I am feeling a little better. Chris (of all people) reminded me that even if we do not have a house, we are still better off than a whole lot of people. and regardless of what happens, we are still awesome. these are true things, and words to live by.

we made potato soup for dinner last night, look for a blog entry w/ pictures and a recipe soon. and maybe I'll finally do the meat pie one, too.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

much more

inspection happened on Thursday. turns out there are termites and the 2nd floor porch is rotting away from water damage. these are not good things. we are waiting to hear back from the sellers as to what they are willing to fix. our realtor says that these are things they will need to fix in order to sell the house ever, so they might as well fix them now while we are willing to buy it. Chris is also optimistic. I, on the other hand, am spiraling into despair. this whole not knowing thing totally doesn't work for me. I need to know exactly what is going on so that I can develop several contingency plans. how can I begin developing these if I do not know what my options are? here are the potential outcomes as I currently see them:

1. sellers agree to fix problems, we continue on as planned - this is obviously the easiest, best, preferable outcome.

2. sellers do not fix problem, we find another house within the $8000 tax credit timeframe and buy it - this doesn't seem very possible to me, since time is already ticking away very quickly. also, I am impatient.

3. sellers do not fix problem, we find another house in several months and do not get the tax credit - this option doesn't please me at all, I really want $8000. if this is the way we have to go, I think I will be even more picky, since time doesn't matter. this might slowly drive me insane and kill me.

3a. we stay at this apartment while we slowly find a house - I am very sick of this place and want out. I am not at all excited by this option.

3b. we move to another apartment while we slowly find a house - I hate moving. this option also doesn't make me very happy.

as you can see, there aren't very many pleasant outcomes to this situation. I don't really know what to think anymore. I would like to just go to sleep and wake up when it is all over. sitting around and waiting is really not my thing.

Monday, September 7, 2009

feelin' old

yesterday my Uncle Pat and Aunt Lois had a picnic. they have a pool, but it was (of course) too cold to actually swim in it. what a downer. no big deal, though, it was still a good time. Chris couldn't come, since he had to work ALL WEEKEND, but I somehow made it through without him. I played horseshoes for the first time and my team won. completely unrelated to this win, I have decided that I love the game very much and will have to buy a horseshoe set for my soon-to-be back yard.

the food was delicious, of course. you can't lose with hot dogs, in my opinion. there were brownies and chocolate chip cookies for dessert, as well as a bunch of other good things I didn't have room to eat. oh, and also watermelon Smirnoff Ice. delicious!

as it got darker and colder, most people went inside to watch a movie, but me, Kylie, Mike, Uncle Pat, and Lily stayed outside and had a fire in their new fire pit ) I will be needing a fire pit in my back yard as well). it was a good way to end the summer, I think.

today I have mostly been sitting around reading the blogs of people I don't know. this is one of my favorite pastimes, though some consider it kinda creepy. I just think it is interesting to see what other people do everyday. it is a relief to see that some (though not all) people are just as boring as I am.

I also went grocery shopping with my mum, since Chris is still WORKING. I always end up buying so much more stuff when he is not along. oh well, I had a $4.50 off my grocery bill if I spent $50, so I had to buy some extra things. also, I had a bunch of coupons this week. my total before coupons: $61, my total after coupons: $41 - totally worth it.

we saw a kid who used to be our neighbor at our old house. we knew this kid when he was a newborn baby. we knew this kid when he was running around outside without pants, being potty trained.

yeah, you heard me. his parents thought that the easiest was to potty train him would be to just set him loose without pants. like, any pants. all he wore was a t-shirt and a smile. you would see him running down the sidewalk, his little man-parts dangling in the breeze, free as anything. I still don't see how this had any influence on potty training whatsoever, considering he could just sort of stop wherever he was and let loose, but whatever.

but anyway, he is apparently in 9th grade this year. high school! I am so very, very old. it is okay, though, because later I gave back as good as I got. we went to the deli so I could get sandwiches for dinner, and the lady behind the counter was the same lady who used to be the cashier when I used to come grocery shopping with my parents back when I was in 9th - 11th grade. she could not believe I was the same person and that I was now back here buying groceries for my own dwelling. she said I made her feel like an old lady. she put extra meat on Chris' sandwich.

when we came back here to unload my groceries, Morgaine hid under the bad and refused to come out because my mum was here. I don't understand that cat sometimes, she is such a jerk.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


house inspection is on Thursday. looks like this thing might actually be happening. I am terrified.

this long weekend sucks. Chris has to work all weekend and Monday. what a waste!

I went to the eye doctor today and got new contacts. I can see; it is amazing! turns out my prescription hasn't changed at all, my poor vision was entirely the fault of dirty old contacts. my total for an exam and a year's supply of contact lenses was $40, thanks to my health insurance. how great is that?

I have had such a terrible headache all day. I can't decide if it is stress or over-stimulation from being able to see with such clarity. perhaps a combination of both.