Monday, September 28, 2009

drunken sailor

gave our one month notice to the landlady today, along with our rent. I hope she doesn't, like, try to talk to me about it or something. I will tell her to talk to Chris, he is the mouthpiece. then I will run upstairs and lock the door and hide in the bathroom til he gets home. I really don't like talking to the landlady. she starts with you and then you are stuck forever as she goes on and on about nothing of particular interest.

so there's no going back now. if this falls through or something, we will be homeless people, living in our cars. maybe we can finally try out the gypsy lifestyle. I suggest this to Chris at least three times per week, but so far he remains unmoved. that guy, no sense of adventure. but yeah, the terror level is through the roof. I really hope that this all works out and goes smoothly and I live happily ever after the end.

in other news, I won $107 from the powerball this weekend. I think that I will go for the full $170 million on Wednesday.

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