Monday, September 7, 2009

feelin' old

yesterday my Uncle Pat and Aunt Lois had a picnic. they have a pool, but it was (of course) too cold to actually swim in it. what a downer. no big deal, though, it was still a good time. Chris couldn't come, since he had to work ALL WEEKEND, but I somehow made it through without him. I played horseshoes for the first time and my team won. completely unrelated to this win, I have decided that I love the game very much and will have to buy a horseshoe set for my soon-to-be back yard.

the food was delicious, of course. you can't lose with hot dogs, in my opinion. there were brownies and chocolate chip cookies for dessert, as well as a bunch of other good things I didn't have room to eat. oh, and also watermelon Smirnoff Ice. delicious!

as it got darker and colder, most people went inside to watch a movie, but me, Kylie, Mike, Uncle Pat, and Lily stayed outside and had a fire in their new fire pit ) I will be needing a fire pit in my back yard as well). it was a good way to end the summer, I think.

today I have mostly been sitting around reading the blogs of people I don't know. this is one of my favorite pastimes, though some consider it kinda creepy. I just think it is interesting to see what other people do everyday. it is a relief to see that some (though not all) people are just as boring as I am.

I also went grocery shopping with my mum, since Chris is still WORKING. I always end up buying so much more stuff when he is not along. oh well, I had a $4.50 off my grocery bill if I spent $50, so I had to buy some extra things. also, I had a bunch of coupons this week. my total before coupons: $61, my total after coupons: $41 - totally worth it.

we saw a kid who used to be our neighbor at our old house. we knew this kid when he was a newborn baby. we knew this kid when he was running around outside without pants, being potty trained.

yeah, you heard me. his parents thought that the easiest was to potty train him would be to just set him loose without pants. like, any pants. all he wore was a t-shirt and a smile. you would see him running down the sidewalk, his little man-parts dangling in the breeze, free as anything. I still don't see how this had any influence on potty training whatsoever, considering he could just sort of stop wherever he was and let loose, but whatever.

but anyway, he is apparently in 9th grade this year. high school! I am so very, very old. it is okay, though, because later I gave back as good as I got. we went to the deli so I could get sandwiches for dinner, and the lady behind the counter was the same lady who used to be the cashier when I used to come grocery shopping with my parents back when I was in 9th - 11th grade. she could not believe I was the same person and that I was now back here buying groceries for my own dwelling. she said I made her feel like an old lady. she put extra meat on Chris' sandwich.

when we came back here to unload my groceries, Morgaine hid under the bad and refused to come out because my mum was here. I don't understand that cat sometimes, she is such a jerk.

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  1. LMAO, little man parts dangling in the breeze! That is too funny, and so true.