Saturday, September 26, 2009

once again, I know

feeling a little more excited today. keep thinking about all the cool things I will be able to do to a house that I own.

breakfast was delicious, of course. because we were a large group (seven of us), we got to eat in a crazy back room we'd never seen before called The Banquet Room. it was awesome because there was a special buffet with all the usual options back there, but only for the people in this special room. it was pretty empty in there when we arrived, even though the main restaurant was super full. it started to fill up as time went by, but I had already eaten my fill, so it was okay. I got to sit back and relax w/ my s'mores cappuccino and watch the bizarre selection of people walk by me. I saw four separate sets of suspenders, which is not something you can say at most dining establishments. someone overslept and never showed up (Shin), but we somehow survived without him. Steve seemed content with his last Shady Maple gorging session, which is really all anyone can ask.

Chris' car has been making some sounds, so we took it over to his parents' house so that his step-dad could check it out. hopefully he can find out what is wrong and fix it without too much trouble. I hope it is nothing big, since our money needs to go towards house.

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