Monday, September 14, 2009

rapid hope loss

so we heard a little from our realtor today. apparently some of the stuff we didn't care about from the inspection (a few stuck windows, no railings on the stairs) will also have to be fixed in order to pass FHA approval. these are in addition to the things I mentioned yesterday, of course. in the email, our realtor said that if we can't help with repairs (which we can't), the sellers might just have to let the bank take it. this is not a good sign. looks like the sellers don't have any money, either.

Chris called the realtor when he got home, since I was far too distressed to do it myself. she said that she is going to have the work appraised and then get back to the sellers (and us, I assume) with the projected costs. at this point, a decision will be made as to who can repair what. my guess is that no-one can repair very much.

even if they do somehow find the funds to fix these problems, I am concerned that time may be an issue. here's the situation:
  • our lease runs out October 31
  • we need to give a month notice in order to get our security deposit back
  • it is already September 14th
  • I am unwilling to give notice when I don't even know for sure that I am going to be able to leave
so in order for this to all work out, they need to have this stuff appraised and fixed within about two weeks. this seems highly unlikely to me. it's just really frustrating because I don't even know if there would be time for us to find another house and go through this whole process again before the tax credit thing runs out. gah! I hate this.

I was really down earlier, but I am feeling a little better. Chris (of all people) reminded me that even if we do not have a house, we are still better off than a whole lot of people. and regardless of what happens, we are still awesome. these are true things, and words to live by.

we made potato soup for dinner last night, look for a blog entry w/ pictures and a recipe soon. and maybe I'll finally do the meat pie one, too.


  1. Well, hm. You would have thought they would check these kinds of things out before offering a warranty. Chris is my kinda guy. Give each other hugs from me. Love you both.