Friday, September 25, 2009


the sellers are fixing things and we can go ahead and buy the house. everything is good.

I do not feel as excited as I probably should. perhaps it just hasn't hit me yet. we're going to finalize the mortgage thing on Tuesday. maybe it will be more exciting at that point.

me, Chris, and Steve went to the Ephrata Fair last night. it was really nice. much bigger than Community Days, and with a better food selection. we tried some fried pickles; they were pretty good. there was some thing called monkey bread, which was very delicious. the paint job on the stand was... interesting. should have a picture of that tomorrow, if Steve remembers to upload it for me.

we're going to Shady Maple for breakfast tomorrow, Steve's last hurrah. I am looking forward to it, except for the whole getting up early thing. ah well. it will be good.

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