Monday, October 19, 2009

captain poop sock

so the realtor got back to us. upon looking at the house, she also has no idea exactly where they want a railing. so she's going to talk to the FHA inspector and try to figure out what he means. better hurry up, though, only ten days left.

got Chris' latest car insurance bill this weekend. seems his policy has gone up $30 PER MONTH due to the... incidents this summer. I think this seems like a lot. I mean, the break-in shouldn't count against him at all, by my standards. it's not his fault some morons broke into his car and stole his belongings. and that other thing that happened? I don't think one accident in several thousand years should cause a $3o per month increase. maybe $30 per year, I could deal with that. but not this. this is just silly.

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