Friday, October 2, 2009


looks like the lottery winnings will probably go towards new brake pads and rotors for Chris' car. this whole "sharing money in a relationship" thing kinda sucks. just kidding. {]: )

Steve had his surgery on Wednesday. the excitement of this life-changing surgery pales in comparison to the new Zendikar release, or at least that's what you would think from talking to him. ::rolls eyes:: but no, from what he has told me, he is doing fine. he is in some pain, and the medication they gave him for it is not nearly as strong as he expected, but nothing too drastic. he said he would make a post on his blog about the whole business, but that obviously hasn't happened yet...

had dinner with my parents and sister the last two days. yesterday because it was Laundry Day, today because Chris was off at the M:tG release event. last night we had parmesan chicken, tonight we had stromboli. I will soon eat them out of house and home.

I have claimed Chris this Saturday, since I have too often lost him to M:tG these recent weekends. the real reason I get to keep him, I think, is because he is out of money. ah well, I'll take what I can get. I would like to start packing, since we will hypothetically be living in our NEW HOME in a month, but it is likely this will not happen. but then again, I only have four small boxes so far. we might be encouraged by the fact that they will not take long to fill.

speaking of boxes, a large spider has taken up residence on the back of my car. he's built a beautiful web across my license plate. what does this have to do with boxes, you ask? well, the handle for my trunk also happens to be under his web. this makes transporting boxes somewhat difficult. I had wanted to wash mu car (I have not washed it since March and it is looking rather grey instead of black), but now I do not want to because I will ruin his house at best and kill him at worst. I generally despise spiders, but his presence has grown on me in a major way. I take time to look at him every time I get in or out of the car. perhaps I can have Chris remove him from my trunk and put him in some foliage or something.

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  1. "I will soon eat them out of house and home"
    LOL oh man, i almost pee'd.