Sunday, October 4, 2009

hunt with the legend

so I woke up Friday night/Saturday morning at 5:00 am and Chris was still not home. amazing how some colorful pieces of cardboard can keep a couple of 25 year old guys entertained for 11 hours. just amazing.

I had expected this to be a pretty slow day, due to this late night, but he woke up around 10:30, not the 12:30 - 1:00 I was expecting. so we had some breakfast and then we were on our way. first stop was the bank, to make our weekly deposits and withdrawls. life would be slightly easier if he would just get his checks direct deposited, but no, that would be too easy. we also had to get our August-September bank statements to give the mortgage guy. he wanted documentation of our initial house deposit clearing, but it looks like they (whoever they are) took their times cashing it. it must be on the September-October statement, which hasn't come out yet. ah well.

while we were there, Chris noticed that he only had $48 left, which was weird cuz he still owed me $50 for groceries. how very odd. he has no idea where the rest of his money (and $2 of our money) went, but I am willing to bet it had something to do with those colorful pieces of cardboard.

"does this mean I officially get to say that you spent our food money on Magic cards?" I asked him as we sat in the car eating the soft pretzels that were our lunch.

"sure," he replied. "if it will make you feel better." it certainly does.

after that we went back in the mall (the missing money incident flustered me to the point that we were actually in the car driving away before I realized that there was more I wanted to do inside the mall) to look at furinture. we have big plans for our tax credit money, and we wanted to find out exactly how far we could stretch it. looks like we can get the things we wanted (a king-size bed and a leather sectional sofa) and still have a nice bit left over to deal with The Ugly. hooray!

after that, we went grocery shopping. it was actually not all the busy, which was a surprise. we didn't have to wait in line or anything. marvelous! we usually get groceries on Sunday, but we might be going to Oktoberfest, so we wanted to free up the day.

now we are at SteveMikeBobby's house. Bobby and I are watching some sort of sharpshooter show on the History Channel, Steve and Chris are... PLAYING MAGIC! what else would they be doing? certainly eleven hours is not enough!

I am starving and would kill a guy for some cheese fries.

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