Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kylie's 21st Birthday

here is a slideshow of pictures from our night of revelry.

way to go, blog layout that cuts off half the picture...

so yeah, we had a really good time last night. all the worrying and terror was for naught. it was loud and there were a lot of people, but I think I handled it pretty well. the dance floor was pretty empty until, like, midnight, and by that time we were rather tipsy and much more interested in playing games. alcohol and re-loadable game cards are a rather expensive combination, it turns out.

there were some rather... entertaining people there. entertaining in a freak show kinda way.

oh, and at no point in the evening did I cross my arms like a grumpy old person. I did, however, frequently mention my 11:00 bedtime.

I would definitely go there again.

we went to Queen City afterward, since it is practically illegal to go out and get drunk and not follow it up with a trip to QC. plus, Mike had never been there, so we had to take him. Shin met us there, which was nice. I sure do wish we got to see that guy more often.

no-one vomited or was hung over today, so I consider the night a success.

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