Thursday, October 8, 2009

long jacket

tomorrow is my darling sister's 21 birthday. I cannot believe she is going to be 21. I feel so old. I mean, come on. I was there when she was born. I can only imagine how my parents feel...

I remember my parents asking me what I would do if the baby turned out to be a boy. I told them I would throw him out a window.

I remember my uncle asking me if I thought it was a boy or a girl after seeing the ultrasound. "I am not sure," I told him. "I cannot see the eyelashes." of course, if it was a girl, she'd have really long eyelashes. duh.

I remember the night before she was born, after my parents had read me my bedtime story, they asked "when do you think the baby will be born?" I thought about it for a moment before responding with "oh, I think tomorrow."

I remember, for a brief time, when everyone thought she was a boy (due to some umbilical corn confusion)...

oh, tiny Kylie, I cannot believe you are all grown up. I must stop now, before I start crying.

anyway, I told her I would take her to place of her choice and get her drunk to commemorate this day. she chose The Works. I'll be honest with you, I am terrified. I've been there lots of times, but never on the weekend. from what I understand, this is a real night spot on the weekend. with lots of people and noise and dancing and that sort of thing. I have never been in such an environment before, and I think I am a little old to start now. if it was anyone else, I would have nothing to do with it. but for you, Kylie, I will step out of my comfort zone for the evening. for you!

she asked if I planned on finding a table in the corner and sitting there all night with my arms crossed like a grumpy old person. "Kylie," I told her, "I am an old grumpy person."

however, I just read on their website that they have $3 frozen margaritas on a friday, so maybe it will not be so bad after all. will my sister and I end up sexy-dancing? only time will tell...

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