Sunday, October 18, 2009


it's been a bit, hasn't it? let's see...

House Stuff:
to meet FHA requirements, we need to put in a stair rail somewhere out front (we are not entirely sure where, and our realtor hasn't gotten back to us yet - frustrated!), and put smoke detectors in two of the three bedrooms (one bedroom already has a smoke detector). looks like settlement will be on the 29th and the actual moving will be done on the 30th. I figure I will take a half-day on the 29th and a vacation day on the 30th. Chris, of course, works late on the 30th, so they won't let him have off. I am very angry about this. so I will spend the first night in our new home ALONE. except I doubt I will be, I imagine there will be people over to help and keep me company. my sister and my dad got me some Halloween decorations, so I will still be able to decorate. I'll have to buy some candy for trick-or-treaters. I hope there will be a lot of them.

Food Stuff:
laundry at my parents' house on Friday. we went to Arby's for dinner. for dessert we had delicious pastries from the Greek Food Festival. they we (as always) amazing.

we went to On The Border with Kim and Dustin yesterday. we had intended to go to Outback, but those jerks apparently don't open until 3:00 on a Saturday. excuse us for wanting our lunch at 1:30!

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