Monday, November 30, 2009

cheesy bean

so the Oil Guy came on Thursday. traffic was really because it was raining and people seem to forget how to drive when it rains, so Chris got home late. this left me to greet the Oil Guy alone. bad, bad situation. I panicked and went into awkward mode, blabbering on to him about the traffic in the city and how I drive through there every day because I am afraid to drive on the highway. and this was all within two or three minutes of his arrival. he started to get a familiar look in his eyes, a look I have seen far too often. it is the look of a man who has just realized he is stuck talking to someone with non-existent small talk skills. it is a look of barely restrained terror.

luckily Mutz wandered in just in time, so the Oil Guy talked to him instead until Chris got home. this is a pretty sad statement on my conversational skill. pretty sad indeed. Chris did arrive before too long and we signed up for oil delivery and stuff, so now we will have heat this winter. yay!

some other usual things happened for the rest of the week. nothing really stands out to me until Wednesday. Chris had off of work, so he was home to receive our new dryer. I haven't used it yet, but Chris seems to like it well enough.

when I got home from work (twenty minutes late due to SEAT BELT CHECKS in the DARK on one of the BUSIEST TRAVELING DAYS OF THE YEAR), there was a car in my parking space in fron of the house. yes, I know, we have ample off-street parking. that is not the point. the point is that it is my house and I should be able to park in front of it. I took a few deep breaths to calm down and parked behind the car in front of my house. how awful! so I am getting the mail out of the mailbox when I hear the car doors open.

"Excuse me miss, can we talk to you?"

I turned to find two young guys in suits, both looking very pious. I was trapped by a pair of Mormons, mere feet from the safety of my home. if I had been inside, I could have pretended not to hear the door. but here, out on the porch, there was nothing I could do. I had obviously heard them and could not now ignore them.

I let them do their Mormon thing while I stood listening, arms full of muffins and my work bag. just as they were asking if I considered myself religious (to which I replied "to some extent..."), Chris came out onto the porch. "Oh, and who is this?" they asked.

I sighed, knowing I had been caught. "This," I said, hanging my head. "This is my boyfriend."

eventually they gave up and left. we picked up my sister, went to the liquor store to buy wine for spicing, and then went to Paolo's for wings. after wings we went to Steve's house for some drunken revelry. I had been looking forward to a night of drinking and watching movies and general good times, but I could tell when we arrived that this would not be the case. first of all, there were a lot more people there than I had anticipated (some of whom I downright despise). second of all, most of those guys were playing cards in a rowdy fashion and listening to music very loudly. not a good set-up at all. this sort of environment makes me very uncomfortable, this loud drunkenness. as soon as I saw this, I lost all interest in drinking myself. you see, to me loud people mean the possiblility for trouble. if there was going to be any trouble, I wanted to be sober enough to take care of business.

I'm not going to get too far into it here, but let's just say there was a bit of an altercation between my sister and Kyle. is it reasonable for a 26 year old guy to threaten a 21 year old girl over a nickname? like, to threaten her to "not mess with [him]" and to tell her that he will "break [her] neck"? I dunno, it just seems a little juvenile to me. needless to say, I am a little miffed about the situation. we left not long after that; I didn't feel like I needed to stay in that sort of environment. I guess I am an old lady.

Thanksgiving was fun. I made a casserole that was actually very tasty. it looked like real food and people ate it. and they enjoyed it! I, for one, cannot believe it. I took a picture, I will put it here soon. I also made spiced wine, like I do every year. it was especially awesome this year. I drank almost all of it, I think. three servings went to other people (my sister, my uncle, and Chris), the rest went to me. delicious!

Friday I went shopping with Kim & Dustin at 3:30 in the morning. our first stop was Old Navy, where we stood in line for exactly two hours. no lie! we were going to go to Boscov's next, to get a door prize for being one of the first 400 people there, but there were already waaaaay more people than that so we skipped it. we instead went to Michael's where we bought some yarn. we tried Target, but the lines were way too long so we left. we were gonna go to IHOP for breakfast, but that line was too long as well. there seriously were not any parking spaces left in the lot. at all. we decided to go to Shady Maple instead, which is always awesome.

Saturday we (me, Kylie, my mum, and four aunts) went shopping in Lititz. it was a neat little town, but we spent entirely too much time there. like, seriously. Kylie and I quit early and spent an hour and a half sitting in the car. goodness!

Sunday I mostly sat around with a brief break for groceries with my parents. you will undoubtedly notice that Chris was largely absent from this long weekend. this is because he worked the ENTIRE TIME. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. sucks, doesn't it? bah!

but yeah, there's a bit of catching up. I am seriously done with these long breaks between posts. for real.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

unfroze and regenerated

so, uh, what's gone on since last update? not too much. the dryer was gonna cost too much to fix, so I decided to just buy a new one. we ended up buying it from the people who came to look at the dryer, since they had the cheapest price we could find w/ delivery, installation, and removal. the guy we bought it from looked a lot like Matt Parkman. Chris thinks this is why I was so willing to buy a dryer from him. the new dryer will be delivered next Wednesday.

there is a guy coming over tomorrow about the gas-oil-heat. to look around, give us some tips, give us a price. I don't really understand how they can set up a budget when they don't actually know how much oil we will use, but whatever. they'd better give me an accurate number OR ELSE.

sorry about the infrequent updates. I am just very busy fixing house things and worrying and sleeping and stuff like that. hopefully I will be able to calm down and enjoy things soon.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


am I awake? I have been awake since 8:00 because some guy from the house insurance place had to come and take pictures of our interior this morning. probably would have made sense to do this before all our stuff was in here, but what do I know? but yeah, I woke up at 8:00 on a Saturday morning so that a guy could snap about six pictures and then leave. it seriously took about five minutes. if they had asked, I could have done the same thing myself and sent them the pictures. goodness.

while we were waiting for the guy to show up, I was feeding a squirrel out on the side porch. I sprinkled some peanuts out there and he came running. I was standing right inside the screen door, but he didn't run away. he looked right at me. I even brought Morgaine over, but that didn't deter him either. my goal: hand feed the squirrels by the end of the summer. I don't think this will be a very difficult thing to accomplish.

last night I found a surprise Smokey Bones coupon in my email ($10 off $20 or more), so we went there for dinner. the meager amount we actually had to pay gave us points towards our rewards card, so now we had another $20 credit. hooray for Smokey Bones!

we also bought a stereo for the kitchen. now I can enjoy washing dishes, as I did last night. I dunno why having music makes such a difference, but it totally does.

we're gonna go to IHOP with Kylie and Mike for brunch, which will be nice. we are also going to go to Reading China and Glass. oh, and groceries, but those aren't much fun.

and today is my mum's birthday - happy birthday, Mumma! <3

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


still alive, just very tired/busy. Chris and I are thinking about starting a blog for our house and the things we will do to it. so far we installed a doorknob.

we also got our kitchen table and hutch from my parents. this is just about the most exciting thing in the world to me for some reason. I just want to sit at the table and revel in how home-y it feels. like, seriously. it is amazing. now if only I could convince Mutz to stop pulling my plants out of the windows...

oh, also I have half an etsy store with a co-worker. you should probably go check it out. we've already sold a thing. I know, I know. I hate ruining books. but I didn't really do the ruining, I just use the already ruined pages.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

ta da

here I am!

this whole moving thing is exhausting, just so you know. I do not intend to do this again for quite a while.

so let's see... Thursday was settlement. I went to work for a half day, cuz money is nice. I am glad I did, since those people I work with got me all sorts of things for the new house. I was so unbeliveably touched by this gesture. I mean, come on, a recipe book of potatoes? could there be a better thing than that? but yeah, settlement was not nearly as bad a I expected. we got free pens, but they are not as cool as the free pens we got for signing the offer. after we had signed away our souls for the next thirty years, we went to get pumpkins with my dad, my sister, and her Mike. we carved them at my parents' house, since we didn't have a table. when we were finished with those, Kylie came over to the apartment to help us pack. we packed well into the night and then took Kylie to Queen City as a show of our appreciation. we would have been pretty screwed without her.

the next day was moving day. I got up at 6:30 to finish packing and stuff, after going to bed around 2:30. my parents showed up slightly before the movers with coffee and donuts. we ate donuts and drank coffee while we watched the movers do all the heavy lifting. best thing ever.

my parents left to go to the new house and left us to supervise the rest of the moving. eventually the movers were done and we started transporting the remaining things to our cars. Chris' mom came over and we went to Wendy's. after that, Chris and his mom cleaned the apartment while I took the cats to the new house. Mutz climbed out of his box, looked around, and acted as though he had lived there his entire life. Morgaine ran under a chair and would not come out.

me and my parents and sister spent the rest of the afternoon unpacking and reassembling. eventually Chris showed up to change for work. when he left, me and my family went to Red Robin for dinner. holy crap was that delicious. seriously, go there right now. I had the Teriyaki Chicken Burger, it was amazing. don't worry, we weren't jerks. we brought a burger home for Chris.

when we got back to the house, we assembled the entertainment center and Chris' desk. well, really, I watched my family do these things. Bobby also came over and helped with the entertainment center.

Saturday we went to the apartment to get our food. we were ambushed by the landlady who forced us to do all sorts of retarded things like put up the stupid, awful fake flowers we had taken down in the bathroom. awful. while she stood there and watched us. seriously, I want to report her and her stupid building after we get our security deposit back. I mean, the electric in there is perilous at best, and the place hasn't been inspected since 2004. seriously.

when we finally got back to the house TWO HOURS LATER, we found that the screen door had somehow locked itself from the inside. that's right, we were locked out of our house already. which all our frozen food. I did the only thing I could think to do - I called my family. my mum came over and couldn't really do anything (duh) but it was nice to have her there so I didn't kill myself in front of all the new neighbors. Chris eventually ended up kicking the glass in (without breaking it) and was able to unlock the door. crisis averted.

not too long after that I headed over to my parents' house to get ready for the Halloween party at my aunt and uncle's house. I was a zombie. I am sure there are pictures somewhere, but I do not have them right now. maybe someday. the party was awesome, in case you were wondering. there was a scavenger hunt. with flashlights. outside. on Halloween. can you think of a more awesome thing than that? I can't.

I slept really hard that night, for several million years. when I finally woke up, we went to Target to spend the gift card from work. we got a bunch of things, including a clock and a towel rack for the bathroom. important stuff.

later I took some clothes to my parents' house to dry, since our dryer will not work properly for some reason. like, it tumbles things around, but it doesn't actually get hot. I am not sure what to do about this, so I am choosing to ignore it.

so yeah, that was our moving weekend adventure.

oh, and in case you were wondering, Morgaine came out from under the chair Friday night. since then, she too has been acting like she has lived in this house for her entire life. she is like a different cat, following me around, sitting with people, not hiding from things. it is amazing.

also, I would just like to say again that I do not know what we would have done without my family. like, seriously, I do not know. they are the best thing in the world. ever. <3