Wednesday, November 18, 2009

unfroze and regenerated

so, uh, what's gone on since last update? not too much. the dryer was gonna cost too much to fix, so I decided to just buy a new one. we ended up buying it from the people who came to look at the dryer, since they had the cheapest price we could find w/ delivery, installation, and removal. the guy we bought it from looked a lot like Matt Parkman. Chris thinks this is why I was so willing to buy a dryer from him. the new dryer will be delivered next Wednesday.

there is a guy coming over tomorrow about the gas-oil-heat. to look around, give us some tips, give us a price. I don't really understand how they can set up a budget when they don't actually know how much oil we will use, but whatever. they'd better give me an accurate number OR ELSE.

sorry about the infrequent updates. I am just very busy fixing house things and worrying and sleeping and stuff like that. hopefully I will be able to calm down and enjoy things soon.

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