Sunday, December 27, 2009

hungry for worms?

told you I'd be too busy to update over the holidays. they were good, but exhausting. I imagine there will be some pictures of some of my gifts later, but currently I am not at home and don't have my camera or my gifts. lots of good stuff, though.

ummm... yeah. it's been a busy week and I am exhausted. my house is a terrible mess, everything is in disarray. like, seriously. not suitable for habitation. we're gonna tackle that tomorrow I think. I hope.

the snow all melted today because of the rain, and it amuses me to see all the cars that are still parked three feet from the curb. it's just funny to me, I can't really explain it.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

made it out of clay

so, this weekend sucks.

I was supposed to go Christmas shopping with my mum today but for some crazy reason (huge snowstorm) she decided we should wait til tomorrow. I was also supposed to go to Kim & Dustin's Christmas party tonight, but that was canceled as well. and if that all wasn't bad enough, Chris works til midnight tonight. so here I am, snowed in, all alone. this is my worst nightmare.

I, however, am pretty proud of myself. you see, instead of sleeping all day, I did some productive things. I washed some dishes (some, not all - I only have so much motivation), mixed and baked oatmeal cookies, mixed and refrigerated sand tart/cut-out dough (I don't have a rolling pin, cookies cutters, or walnuts), and did two loads of wash. hooray for me!

I know, I know. big deal - I did what most normal people do. but it is a big deal to me, since I don't usually do much of anything when left alone. so I consider this day a success, in its own way.

this week has been a blur, I am not sure where it went. Chris and I did most of our Christmas shopping on Thursday night. we went to On The Border for dinner - my gift to Chris for being such a good sport about the whole holiday season. I am a little distressed about Christmas gifts, though - the gifts I ordered for my mens haven't arrived yet. they are not going to make it in time for the party.

so tomorrow is going to be pretty busy. I have scheduled my mum for 9:00 shopping, then off to the re-scheduled party at 1:00. Chris works til 11:00 tomorrow night, so I won't get to see him much at all tomorrow. I will say it again - this weekend sucks!

and the load doesn't lighten at all in the forseeable future. anime, of course, is on Monday. Tuesday is the Christmas party for Chris' dad's side of the family. Wednesday Chris works til 11 or midnight or some other ungodly hour. Thursday we are going out to dinner for Christmas Eve and I will probably go to church or something. Friday morning at 8:00 am we are opening gifts at my parents house followed by some sort of brunch w/ Chris' mom's side of the family followed by the Christmas party for my extended family. gaaaaah. maybe this restful day at home wasn't such a bad thing after all. I think that we will not leave the house on Saturday, if we can help it. well, actually I kinda want to hit the after Christmas sales. hmm. this is ridiculous.

here, have some pictures of my Christmas tree.

pretty nice, huh? and check out the dapper bird my sister made for us.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

turn here

yesterday Chris and I went to Kitchen Kettle Village. I went there with my family back in 1994 (15 years ago - I am so old), and I thought it might be a nice thing to do around the holidays without being too overtly holiday related. Chris isn't very fond of this particular season, but he is being very good about putting up with my intense need to celebrate. I figured the least I could do was suggest a place he might actually enjoy rather than, say Christmas Village. I chose well, it would seem, because we had a very good time. we saw a lot of things that will look nice in the house when it is finished. we ate soft pretzels and drank hot apple cider. there was even an entire shop that sold nothing but insects under glass.

we also got our Christmas tree last night. we went to Lowe's. I know, I know. how disappointing. I am sorry, but I really like their trees. trust me, I like wandering around in field in freezing temperatures as much as anyone, but I just really like the trees at Lowe's. they're not overly trimmed and shaped as a lot of trees you find on tree farms. next year, though, Chris will be picking the tree. I think he wants a long-needled tree, which I hate. but hey, I'd rather have him pick a terrible tree than have him not care about the tree at all. you gotta take what you can get. I am on my laptop and my camera cord is upstairs, so you will have to wait for pictures of the tree.

it was a really good day, which was not at all what I was expecting in the beginning. you see, I had intended on leaving for the Village at 11 AM, so that we would have plenty of time to take care of some things on my ever-growing list of Things That Need To Get Done. however, it turns out Chris had told him mom that we would go out to lunch with her, so I ammended the schedule - as long as we went to lunch by 11 AM, we should still be okay. well, we didn't even leave to pick his mom up until 12:45. I was starting to freak out on the way, going through the list of Things That Need To Get Done. I was insisting on some things, and he was insisting on others; it was starting to get pretty heated. getting very frustrated, I fell silent for a few moments.

"You know," he said hesitantly. "This is pretty ridiculous. We are living the dream, and all we can do is argue about which fun things we get to do today."

talk about instantly neutralizing an arguemnt. talk about first world problems. oh no, how terrible. I can't decide if we should buy a tree or bake cookies or go Christmas shopping... it really made me stop and think, you know? like, here I am, having this ridiculous argument when there are people out there who can't even afford to do these things. and I am acting like it is the end of the world that I might not get to make cookies. what a jerk I am. what a lucky, lucky jerk I am.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

what will I dooooooo?!

the dates, or should I say date (that's right, there's only one this year - but don't worry, it's in Baltimore!), for the 2010 Gamesday has been announced. it is not until August! and late August at that! how on earth can I possibly wait that long? I think we should just take a random trip to Baltimore in May, it will feel too weird not to after so many years. six years, actually. my first Gamesday was in 2004.

the fact that there is only one this year makes me a little nervous, but Steve says their headquarters are in Maryland so Gamesday will probably stay in Baltimore. this is a giant relief. I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't go to Gamesday. goodness. best not to think of these things.

in other news, here are some pictures I took during the snow over the weekend.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

on being a home owner

of all the things about being a homeowner, I think having to listen to other people is by far the most annoying part. as you may know, a few things have gone unpleasantly since we moved in. the dryer, which was supposed to be functional, was actually not functional. we had to buy a new one. we had to pay four months worth of payments for our oil. Chris needs new brakes and rotors for his car. Chris now has a crack in his windshield. all of these things are not great, but we are dealing with them. that is fine.

what is not fine, however, are the reactions of people around us when we tell them about our woes. instead, I am met with a giant, annoying wall of "WELCOME TO ADULTHOOD!!" look, I am not telling you these things because I am looking for handouts. I am not looking for pity. I am just looking to comiserate with someone who understands. I am not looking to be treated like a child who had no idea what she was getting into. I knew that things like this would happen; I am dealing with them. I just thought that maybe we could share an adult bonding experience. I guess I was wrong.

recently I was having a conversation with a friend who bought a house last year. he asked what sort of heat we have. when I told him we have oil, his grin widened and his eyes sparkled with glee. "oooooh," he exclaimed" "just wait till you get that first bill." like he was actually excited to find that we would be paying quite a bit of money to heat our home this winter. when I told him we already made the first payment, he was not deterred. "oh, that first filling won't last very long. just wait, it will go up." I could hear the maniacal laughter in his voice. mwhahahahaha, I bet you didn't count on this one!! like I would have somehow forgotten to factor something that huge into the budget. like I am so naive that I never would have imagined I needed to pay for heat. only when I told him that we were on the budget and that we had needed to pay four months upfront did he seem a little disappointed. take that, guy who has owned a house for a year longer than I have. guess you don't have anything to gloat about now, do you?