Saturday, December 19, 2009

made it out of clay

so, this weekend sucks.

I was supposed to go Christmas shopping with my mum today but for some crazy reason (huge snowstorm) she decided we should wait til tomorrow. I was also supposed to go to Kim & Dustin's Christmas party tonight, but that was canceled as well. and if that all wasn't bad enough, Chris works til midnight tonight. so here I am, snowed in, all alone. this is my worst nightmare.

I, however, am pretty proud of myself. you see, instead of sleeping all day, I did some productive things. I washed some dishes (some, not all - I only have so much motivation), mixed and baked oatmeal cookies, mixed and refrigerated sand tart/cut-out dough (I don't have a rolling pin, cookies cutters, or walnuts), and did two loads of wash. hooray for me!

I know, I know. big deal - I did what most normal people do. but it is a big deal to me, since I don't usually do much of anything when left alone. so I consider this day a success, in its own way.

this week has been a blur, I am not sure where it went. Chris and I did most of our Christmas shopping on Thursday night. we went to On The Border for dinner - my gift to Chris for being such a good sport about the whole holiday season. I am a little distressed about Christmas gifts, though - the gifts I ordered for my mens haven't arrived yet. they are not going to make it in time for the party.

so tomorrow is going to be pretty busy. I have scheduled my mum for 9:00 shopping, then off to the re-scheduled party at 1:00. Chris works til 11:00 tomorrow night, so I won't get to see him much at all tomorrow. I will say it again - this weekend sucks!

and the load doesn't lighten at all in the forseeable future. anime, of course, is on Monday. Tuesday is the Christmas party for Chris' dad's side of the family. Wednesday Chris works til 11 or midnight or some other ungodly hour. Thursday we are going out to dinner for Christmas Eve and I will probably go to church or something. Friday morning at 8:00 am we are opening gifts at my parents house followed by some sort of brunch w/ Chris' mom's side of the family followed by the Christmas party for my extended family. gaaaaah. maybe this restful day at home wasn't such a bad thing after all. I think that we will not leave the house on Saturday, if we can help it. well, actually I kinda want to hit the after Christmas sales. hmm. this is ridiculous.

here, have some pictures of my Christmas tree.

pretty nice, huh? and check out the dapper bird my sister made for us.

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  1. You did good!! I'm proud of you, and you didn't even call me to whine. The tree looks great!