Saturday, December 5, 2009

on being a home owner

of all the things about being a homeowner, I think having to listen to other people is by far the most annoying part. as you may know, a few things have gone unpleasantly since we moved in. the dryer, which was supposed to be functional, was actually not functional. we had to buy a new one. we had to pay four months worth of payments for our oil. Chris needs new brakes and rotors for his car. Chris now has a crack in his windshield. all of these things are not great, but we are dealing with them. that is fine.

what is not fine, however, are the reactions of people around us when we tell them about our woes. instead, I am met with a giant, annoying wall of "WELCOME TO ADULTHOOD!!" look, I am not telling you these things because I am looking for handouts. I am not looking for pity. I am just looking to comiserate with someone who understands. I am not looking to be treated like a child who had no idea what she was getting into. I knew that things like this would happen; I am dealing with them. I just thought that maybe we could share an adult bonding experience. I guess I was wrong.

recently I was having a conversation with a friend who bought a house last year. he asked what sort of heat we have. when I told him we have oil, his grin widened and his eyes sparkled with glee. "oooooh," he exclaimed" "just wait till you get that first bill." like he was actually excited to find that we would be paying quite a bit of money to heat our home this winter. when I told him we already made the first payment, he was not deterred. "oh, that first filling won't last very long. just wait, it will go up." I could hear the maniacal laughter in his voice. mwhahahahaha, I bet you didn't count on this one!! like I would have somehow forgotten to factor something that huge into the budget. like I am so naive that I never would have imagined I needed to pay for heat. only when I told him that we were on the budget and that we had needed to pay four months upfront did he seem a little disappointed. take that, guy who has owned a house for a year longer than I have. guess you don't have anything to gloat about now, do you?

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