Sunday, January 3, 2010


so, I bought a scale today. remember how I said I was 125 pounds? totally not true. at all. try, like, ten pounds more than that. I am never eating anything again. well, we are leaving soon to go eat dinner at Kim & Dustin's house. but after that? no food ever again.

watch out - product review ahead!

on Friday I took a shower at my parents' house and tried some of my sister's weirdo shampoo bar that she got for Christmas. I am talking, of course, about Lush solid shampoo. she has been raving about it ever since. I was skeptical - I mean, just look at the stuff. totally weird. and you only need three or four swipes across your hair? no way that works.

it totally works. it lathered up like you wouldn't even believe. even when it was still wet, my hair felt amazing. when it dried? it was soft and wavy and not frizzy at all. my newly-trimmed bangs fell exactly as I wanted them to as soon as I got out of bed. seriously. I was still a little concerned, since I only was my hair every other day (yes, there's the truth - I am pretty gross). I mean, sure it was great after washing. but would it still be nice the next day or would it be greasy and gross? let me tell you, it is lovely today. my hair normally looks a bit... off on the second day, but today I can hardly tell anything is up at all. I bet you wouldn't even know that it wasn't washed since Friday if I didn't tell you. so it looks like I am going to be buying a $9.25 bar of hard shampoo. sigh.

in other news, it is really cold and windy here. like 25 degrees with 50 mph winds. I am not sure when I accidentally moved to Alaska, but I would very much like to go back to a normal climate. but it is okay, because my Aunt Candy and Uncle Don came over yesterday and installed a new digital thermostat. so now it is set to automatically adjust itself to be warm (67 degrees) when we are home and awake and cold (63 degrees) when we are out/asleep. pretty cool, huh?

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  1. No, pretty warm- hahaah. I crack myself up. Have a nice dinner. You are a funny girl.