Tuesday, January 5, 2010

it's true!

the vast stretch of time between January and April is entirely useless. it has no redeeming qualities. it is cold and terrible and there aren't even any holidays that involve days off from work. seriously, there is nothing to look forward to until my birthday, at the earliest. and now that I am old, that isn't even very exciting. oh goody, I am one year closer to my thirties. hooray!

I mean it, though. it is just cold and awful. I don't want to go anywhere, because going places involves going out into this windy, frozen wasteland. the mere thought of stepping outside makes me shiver. Chris argues that at least it is pretty outside this time of year, with all the snow and the ice. I argue that he is wrong. as we have witnessed, it is just as capable of being snowy and beautiful in December, rendering this miserable bunch of months entirely without merit.

I wish that people could hibernate. I would be more than willing to just sleep right through until spring.

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