Saturday, February 20, 2010


the locusts were back today and now my new lights are installed. it is so bright and awesome in my office. easily the nicest room in the house. they also brought Chick-Fil-A for lunch! it has been a pretty good day.

now I just need to get a bulletin/dry erase board and a closet organizer and I should be pretty much done buying things for that room. oh, and a map of the county, if I can find one. and maybe a reading chair. then I just have to finish unpacking, put things on my shelves, and hang my curtains. then it should be all finished. I will make a before and after post when I have accomplished all of these things. Chris and I are thinking about making a separate blog about our house renovations - what do you think?

yesterday my co-worker and I went to the Fairgrounds Farmers Market for lunch yesterday. they have an entire stand dedicated to pretzel logs. do you know what a pretzel log is? it is a huge pretzel stick (more of a log, really...) filled with all sorts of things. I got one filled with chicken, bacon, ranch, and swiss. we also split a stromboli one. that's right, you heard me. a stromboli. except that instead of being inside regular old dough, it is inside a pretzel. this stand is on of the best food discoveries of the year, I think.

if you are wondering about the title of this post, it is referencing this post at Stuff White People Like. it is totally true, at least for me, as are most things on that site. you can expect more posts referencing SWPL, I expect.

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