Tuesday, February 9, 2010

in which our hero is nearly thwarted by a snowblower

it snowed a lot over the weekend (and it is happening again as we speak), in case you didn't know. Chris' place of employment ended up closing on Saturday, so he didn't have to go in. this pleased me greatly. we spent most of his time off digging out our cars. we dug mine out so that I could move it to the front of the house on Sunday when the snow emergency was over. you know, so I wouldn't have to do it all by myself when he was at work. good idea, right?

well, when I came home from Ikea on Sunday (we did end up going and I spent waaaaaaay too much money), I decided I would move it while my parents were still here, just in case I got stuck or something. it is a good thing I made this decision. when I reached my car, I found that it was once again COVERED IN SNOW. the people living in the house I had parked next to had snowblown all over my car. and just my car. the other three cars parked around me were pristine. it would appear that they purposefully sprayed some of their excess snow on my car, but had kindly sprayed the rest into their yard. what had I done to deserve this treatment? the world may never know.

needless to say, I was outraged. anyone who knows me can tell you that the littlest things can cause me to fly off the handle. imagine my rage upon finding all my back-breaking labor had all been for naught. I immediately went to retrieve my parents, who were, as usual, the most helpful people in the world. my mum set to work re-digging me out. my dad set to work helping me dump snow onto the freshly-snowblown sidewalk. because we are super-mature adult people.

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