Thursday, February 25, 2010

these are the good old days

in celebration of eating disorder awareness week, steve and I have started a calorie contest. it turns out that he and I are both supposed to be eating the same amount of daily calories - between 1200-1500. so there you go, a perfect contest. so far I won Monday and steve won tuesday. I haven't entered my info for wednesday or today, so I am not sure about those. we're very lazy contestants.

we're supposed to be having a really bad snowstorm right now, but it is just not very impressive. it's been snowing all day, but it hasn't stuck on the roads or anything. it's almost funny, really. they threatened a foot or more, schools are closed. there's even a snow emergency at my house, which is really lame because I can't park on my street even though there aren't any plows because THERE ISN'T ANYTHING TO PLOW. just admit you were wrong and recall the snow emergency. no-one will think any less of you.

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