Wednesday, March 10, 2010


so last night, a few minutes before midnight, there was a really loud noise. I had been sleeping, but it (combined with my terrified cat digging her claws into my back) woke me up in an instant. at first I thought it was thunder, but I knew there weren't any thunderstorms in the forecast. I also thought it might have been a truck, but then I remembered that I don't live on a very truck-friendly road anymore. I decided at that point that an investigation may be in order. I tried to roust Chris from bed, telling him that I was going to go look for burglars that could kill me, but he didn't seem to care much. he just pulled the blankets over his head and told me to have fun.

I grabbed the exacto knife from the art room (since all the major weaponry was downstairs - poor planning on our part) and started down the stairs, Morgaine following close behind. the kitchen was clear, no broken windows or doors kicked off of their hinges. so I flipped the living room light. of our bookshelves collapsed. it fell sideways onto a table with a lamp, which then fell onto Chris' computer. it also knocked Mutz's living room water bottle over, so the floor was soaking wet as well. I went back upstairs to tell Chris what had happened. I went back down to start fixing the terrible mess, but Chris never showed up. I had to go back up there again to tell him he needed to come down and help me before I killed him. we eventually got all the books into orderly stacks and righted the table, but the lamp was broken. I am pretty sad about it, I've had that lamp for ten years. we've been through a lot, that lamp and I.

so I guess "buy a bookshelf" has moved up the priority list a bit.

but then I couldn't get back to sleep because I was convinced that we had had an earthquake and that was why to bookshelf had fallen apart. I'll be honest with you, all these giant earthquakes have got me a little scared. I am afraid the end is coming. so I spent most of the rest of the night worrying about earthquakes and the end of the world.

the first thing I did when I woke up this morning was check the internet and the news to see if we did indeed have an earthquake, but it seems we did not. I guess it was just a crappy bookshelf.

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