Sunday, March 7, 2010


this has been one of those weekends when it feels like everything is right in the world. if I could plan my perfect (realistic) weekend, this weekend was very much what it would look like. here is the rundown:

on Saturday I woke up around 10:00. we were ready and out of the house by 11:45 so that we could get to Chris' bank by noon. after that we went to Boscov's to look at a desk he decided not to buy. then we went to A-Z Pet & Pond. we saw lots of cool things (including some sharks). Chris broke down and told me about the surprise he has been planning for me - a full tiger salamander set-up for my office! it is my very own pre-engagement salamander. then we went to the mall where we ate delicious food court food. then I bought some $50 jeans (anyone who know me will realize that this is probably the most expensive singular piece of clothing I have ever bought, but they fit really well and I couldn't help myself - and besides, most of it was paid for by a gift card). then we went to VF so that Chris could buy some clothes. we then returned home to research the salt water tank Chris is intending to make in a few months. later, we went to Steve's house where we ate some chinese and watched Mythbusters.

today we went to That Pet Place to pick up a new tank for The Lizard, buy supplies for my upcoming salamander, and to price out the saltwater tank. all of these things were successfully accomplished. on the way we went to Dunkin Donuts, which is always nice. when we got back, we went to all the major local pet stores (Pet Supplies Plus, PetCo, and PetSmart) to find a salamander, but alas, none were available. we are gonna have to order one. then we came home and set up The Lizard's new tank. Chris bought her a 30 gallon breeder tank, so she has much more room to run around now. we also set up my office tank, even though there isn't anything in it yet. now we are going to play God of War II.

and on top of all this, it has been sunny and warm. seriously, best weekend ever.

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